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Please stand by, because on July 26th, Bethesda will be releasing one of the most anticipated Fallout 4 DLCs since Far Harbor. Vault-Tec Workshop will add to the two other workshop oriented DLCs already released by Bethesda, and though these have faced criticisms by many fans of the game, it seems as though this addition to the Fallout 4 universe will offer much more depth than it predecessors.

Personally, I'm one of the many fans who dislike the DLC plan Bethesda has followed with Fallout 4. In previous Fallout games, fans received 4 story focused DLC packs, such as Fallout 3's Mothership Zeta; in which, I got to run around stabbing aliens with a sword I stole from a Samurai I killed aboard an Alien mothership. And I promise you, I wasn't too drunk at the time!

In general, fans haven't been too impressed that in Fallout 4 the DLC plans only include 2 large story DLCs; with Far Harbor being the first, soon to be followed by Nuka World next month. The rest of the season pass content consists of workshop DLC, because we all love building settlements with Preston Garvey instead of stabbing aliens with samurai swords...

Far Harbor allowed players to explore a heavily irradiated version of Maine Island, a sprawling landmass with a variety of quests to do. It was awesome!
Far Harbor allowed players to explore a heavily irradiated version of Maine Island, a sprawling landmass with a variety of quests to do. It was awesome!

Anyway, even though fans have be unimpressed by the lack of story-driven content, the workshop DLCs have still added an extra layer of content to the game, particularly since Fallout 4 has a large focus on settlement building and player creativity. And the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC seems to be the most ambitious settlement-focused DLC yet!

In Vault-Tec Workshop, players will hear a distress beacon signal, guiding them to Vault 88. Once there, after clearing the area of raiders, you'll meet the overseer of the vault, and begin a quest to find settlers and rebuild Vault 88.

Once you find a number of Vault Dwellers, it seems that you'll be able to run a variety of experiments, each with different outcomes and rewards. And in usual Fallout style, if you can't be bothered to deal with the overseer, just shoot her in the face and start building!

You're making them do exercise?! You monster!
You're making them do exercise?! You monster!

It seems as though this expansion is really going to add an extra layer of depth to the seemingly shallow workshop content fans have received. With a small quest to follow and a wide variety of experiments and content, not to mention the fact that you can build your own freaking vault, I really think fans of the game should have high hopes for this expansion!

Let's just hope it's awesome, because if not, the fans might fall out with Bethesda...*tumbleweed rolls slowly by*

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