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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

With an original release date set in June of this year many gamers have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of No Man's Sky. Now with a new release date of August 9th, many are worried about PS4's release being pushed back even farther, as the PC's release has been pushed back to the 12th of August. With such an inventive game and the possibilities of bugs, when will we get to experience it and will we be satisfied?

No Man's Sky offers the opportunity to be one of the greatest and in depth games released. With complex algorithms creating universes upon universes, planets among planets of content the possibilities are limitless. You can mine, trade, upgrade your ship, fly through galaxies or explore an entire planet. With over 18 billion times a billion planets to find this is a game that no one could possibly ever discover everything.

Your name goes on your discoveries
Your name goes on your discoveries

While the game is an online game, there is also the chance you and your buddy could start in two completely different universes. You could go through days of game play before even encountering another player. On PS4, this game does not require playstation plus as it's not considered to be a single player game with its expanse dimension. (Plus will only be required to upload to the Atlas, the games map sort of speak which allows you to see other people's discoveries and record your own.) The idea is to let you discover planets on your own but also experience the emptiness of space. Along the way you may encounter space pirates, space ports and be able to trade supplies, buy fuel for your ship, or make units (the games money). Of the planets you'll discover about 90 percent will be inhabited by people, and of the 10 percent only a few won't be primitive. It is truly an explorer's dream.

For an more in depth look into the game, check out gameranx video below, 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW.

What are you most excited about? When will we get to experience No Man's Sky?


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