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Struggling to fill up your Pokemon Go Pokedex? Well prepare to struggle some more as Niantic plan to introduce more Pokemon into their popular game!

Fans have questioned if the game's appeal will last, with there being only 151 to catch, and Niantic have responded with an answer that is sure to excite all Pokemon fans. During their Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday, Niantic CEO John Hanke stated;

"Beyond first generation, there are some others that may make their way into our universe. We’re looking forward to finding interesting ways to make that happen in the coming months and years."

With their being only 151 of the 721 Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, the introduction of second generation Pokemon has been a major debate, and Hanke has confirmed that we will be seeing them soon. Just how soon remains to be seen. As he previously stated, the future release of Johto Pokemon could be months or even a year away.

Hanke's statements are indicative that the company are planning for the future and are putting all their efforts towards creating an exciting journey for all Pokemon trainers.

This follows the announcement of the planned introduction of a trading mechanic that will see players being able to transfer Pokemon from one account to the other. Trading has been a mainstay of the Pokemon franchise and is the key to evolving Pokemon such as Haunter and Seadra.

Incidentally, Seadra's evolution, Kingdra, is a second generation Pokemon. In order to obtain Kingdra in the main series games, one has to transfer Seadra to another player. With both Second Generation Pokemon and a trading system planned, one has to wonder if trading will negate candy requirements for certain Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Go.

The introduction of more Pokemon couldn't be more timely, as one Pokemon trainer has claimed to have captured all available Pokemon in the United States.

What do you guys think of the introduction of second generation Pokemon? For someone who loves Suicune with a passion, I will be exploring every iconic river in the world to try and capture the mythical beast!

What Pokemon do you want to see introduced to Pokemon Go?


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