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As we gently bob up and down in the wake of this year’s Comic-Con, we are finally able to take a minute to reflect upon the many wonders that we have seen. Aside from the news that all Telltale games will all soon be multiplayer, the true gem to come out of Comic-Con 2016 was this fan made pilot for a Fallout TV series.

The world needs this, I need this, and, trust me, you need this show. If there has ever been a concept that could ever fill the void in our lives when Game of Thrones eventually reaches its end, it’s a Fallout series. After this incredible fan made pilot blew the roof off the convention – it as all anyone can talk about. Apparently, Fallout is the series that none of us knew we needed.

The talented team behind this revelation go by the name of Mechanical Cake TV, a YouTube based production team that clearly know their onions when it comes to production. Here's the Pilot tease we saw at Comic-Con.

The Pilot named, Fallout: Revelation is described by the team as a TV series set in the Fallout universe. The video is labelled one of three so, we can only assume that there is still more to come. The pilot is not at all affiliated with Bethesda but my goodness, it should be. The pilot is nothing short of studio grade and if Netflix or Amazon do not pick this up and work a deal through with Bethesda then more fool them.

The world has gone Fallout mad once again with fans worldwide reacting to the pilot. I am already hooked, it was as if I was watching the opening to another epic series like The Walking Dead, the potential is unbridled for a TV adaptation of this franchise.

Looking back to an interview at with Bethesda’s executive producer Todd Howard, we know that the company are open to an adaptation but haven’t yet found the right medium.

I've taken a number of meetings [for movie pitches] over the years and nothing quite clicked where I felt, 'Oh, that would be as good as the game.

Look no further, no, really, look no further. The team behind Fallout: Revelation has the perfect product – an episodic multifaceted production, positively overflowing with potential.

Never underestimate the power of a fans passion. All this project needs is backing from Bethesda for it to be the next big TV series. We know how popular these types of shows can be, forgetting just how popular Fallout is as a franchise, this Pilot demonstrates a direction of development that is both compelling and eerie. I want, nay, I have to see more of this!

What did you make of the pilot? Can you see this being a TV hit?


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