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The Meowth is out of the bag: Pokémon GO's level cap is currently 40 and it requires a total of 20 million XP to hit. Astoundingly, 5 million of that is the last stretch of XP alone — and you thought hitting level 30 looked bad.

So how exactly has someone already hit max level? How strong are his Pokémon? And why on earth did he choose Team Valor?

First, let's rip the band-aid off:

Note: real XP per hour is a sum of both values.
Note: real XP per hour is a sum of both values.

He hit level 40 using a bot

Over on the Reddit thread where user _problemz first posted this impressive feat, he wasn't afraid to be up front about the fact that he used a bot to hit level 40. In fact, he has already written Niantic asking that his account be deleted — he was doing this purely for science.

However, he says that even using a bot, hitting the cap was a bit of a pain. On average, he was earning 280,000 XP per hour. For any real person, that would be impossible. But even for a bot, that means the last level alone took almost 18 hours.

So, he must have some pretty strong Pokémon, right?

He also left a message for readers.
He also left a message for readers.

That's not a trick question — his highest-CP Pokémon is Dragonite with 3,375 CP

In fact, his top-11 Pokémon are all higher than 2,000 CP (as seen above). Not too surprisingly, Dragonite comes out well above the others. Vaporean, Garydos, Snorlax, and Slowbro all make multiple appearances in his top-CP list, which isn't too surprising given the recent breakdown of Top 10s.

According to _problemz, he did use all available candies on his Dragonite, but that still left it with about 8% left to fill up. And for those recently initiated in all things IV, his Dragonite had a 95% IV rating.

With such powerful Pokémon, he probably used his power to further the efforts of the evil Team Valor, huh?

Image via
Image via

Actually, he didn't do any sort of PvP at all during this process.

Uncharacteristic of Team Valor, _problemz took a firm stance on using bot-assisted Pokémon to win Gym battles:

"I didn't fight in Gyms. And i won't do it. I don't want to take anyone the fun of this game. I find it disrespectful and disgusting to profiling [sic] with that. If you do PVP (no matter which game) play legit or don't play."

...Okay, so maybe Team Valor folks aren't literally the worst after all. Oh, and if you were wondering, _problemz is also staunchly against selling the account (even though some Pokémon GO accounts sell for quite a bit).

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