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With hectic lives between work, home, and kids some of us don't really have time to for dating, especially after marriage. Every spare moment can turn into an opportunity and trying new things is always a good idea. As soon as my husband and I got a babysitter for the day we took off with Pokémon Go as our guide!

Taking Over A Gym

First thing we did was find a gym! We over took it and while we didn't keep it for very long it was awesome! Together we held it for a few hours while we were out. We had fun being on the same team and beating out Instinct and Mystic.

Going To The River

What I always wanted is to just go down by the river on a date. Thanks to Pokémon Go we had a reason besides just wanting to see the Ohio River at night. Catching water Pokémon like Staryu gives us more than romance as a reason to go.

Just Hanging Out

The best part is that it is something we have in common. Every couple has things they have in common and things they do separate, Pokémon Go is something we can do together. Considering there are almost eight years between our ages it is great to find something we both can get into. My husband and I can just sit around and hang out in the park to see what we can find when we set a lure. Compare the power of the ones we catch and alert each other when something pops up. We walk around and get exercise together, so wrapped up in each other and the game that it doesn't seem like much effort is used to do it.

Nights that we go hunting we get to reconnect while doing something we both grew up loving. This will definitely fix arguments over what we want to do for date night. I'm in love with this game and how it helps me connect with others, but I mostly love how it has helped me become even closer to the man I love.


Would you go on a Pokémon Go date?


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