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Madden fanatics, some of us have waited since 1989 for some of these things, but here it is! Madden 17 added things from all our wishlists, like a live score tracker from around the league, practice squads and complete editing control of every player! I'm here to take you through each addition from our requests and get each of you excited for Madden season!

Behind the scenes of Madden 17 Cover
Behind the scenes of Madden 17 Cover

Around The League Score Ticker

While immersed in a heated game, you can now see other games scores from around the entire league. If you are playing a Sunday game at 4 p.m. you will see live scores of other four o'clock games or the final scores of earlier games. Even in your online leagues with friends, their games will be treated exactly as they would offline. The tracker will still show drive goals and there is a setting to show everything, just scores, goal updates, or nothing so you can customize it as you see fit.

Practice Squads

The fourth week of preseason you can now set up a 10 man practice squad. Practice squads are a great place to develop young players into great athletes to use during a game. Instead of cutting these guys you can now move them to the practice squad (as long as they have 2 years of experience or less) and keep developing them until you want to easily transfer them to your roster. Be careful though, your practice squad are still free agents and can be poached by other teams for their own roster.

Development Traits

No longer will you draft a player and immediately have to cut them because of a slow development trait. Now you can increase this trait! If you have a player with a great overall rating but slow development you can now use this player and if you achieve certain goals or earn rewards like player of the week, rookie of the year or best wide receiver for a chance to increase their development trait! However you can also have it decreased by not achieving season goals. It reflects their performance in the league, so make sure you balance your team and share the ball.

Complete Player Editing

Not only will you be able to edit a players pads, shoes, and socks. Now you can completely edit a players stats! As commissioner of a league all you need to do is go into edit player, and you can edit a player's stats, traits, contract length and appearance. Think your commissioner will get out of hand and give themselves a little extra boost? Don't worry, all changes will appear on a transactions log for the league to see.

Complete Player Editing
Complete Player Editing

Regression Reports

Now during or after a season you can see reports of a player's regression. If they are dropping to far or losing their edge you can physically see it and decide what your next move will be. Try to give them the ball more, try to trade them, or just cut them. The choice will be yours.

3 Player Card Additions

Now when looking at a player's card you can see more then just their stats and traits. You can see where they rank in their position among the rest of the league, progression history of the player (where you can see where their experience came from and how its progressed or regressed) and now the player card is easily accessed from more places so you always just a step away from viewing all the information you need on a player.

On top of all the other features added this year, they took the time to hear and answer our wishes. You will be able to experience all these great features August 23rd. I will most be looking forward to the ability of upgrading a players development, I always got slow and normal in 16' and now i'll be able to do something about it!

What player requested feature are you most excited about?

Live Score Tracker
Live Score Tracker



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