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Think back to the 90s, kids. Which theme songs can you remember from your favorite shows? Inspector Gadget, Doug, Rugrats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Hey! Arnold, Recess, Sponge Bob Square Pants? They're all just as iconic as the last! But we all know that the champion of 90s cartoons was a little show starring Ash Ketchum and his yellow pocket monster.

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The theme song for Pokémon is ingrained into our very being, and it's just returned in the best possible way. Almost 20 years ago, a man by the name of Jason Paige stepped into the studio to record the vocals for the show's theme song. Now he's returned, and it's as if nothing has changed.

Jason Paige Kills It Almost 20 Years Later With Rendition of the Pokémon Theme Song

Sorry everyone, but this is the only Pokémon theme song there is. Fact.

In an interview with CNN, Paige talked about what the theme song meant for his career and personal life. He says that he recorded numerous versions of the song, mostly messing around with the delivery of the final line, which he eventually nailed. But once everything was wrapped up, he received his demo pay and went on to the next project. Paige kind of forgot about the jingle he sang for Pokémon. That is until it completely blew up.

His voice became the soundtrack to a cultural phenomenon as hundreds of millions of people around the world became infatuated with the TV show's charms. He recalls walking past stores and suddenly hearing his voice booming from speakers as Pikachus, Charmanders and Bulbasaurs littered the shelves.

He couldn't have predicted the kind of sensation Pokémon became, but he's eternally grateful for the support and love of his fans.

In his interview with CNN, Paige went on to say that his "voice is the underscore to the imaginations of billions of childhood experiences. It's invaluable and I couldn't be paid enough for that."

For anyone that remembers the show, regardless of whether you knew who it was or not, Paige's energetic delivery of the Pokémon theme still rings clear. But what's really impressive is that he somehow manages to deliver a similar performance all these years later; it sounds just like how we originally heard it. So, bravo, sir and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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