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Pokémon GO still has the world locked tightly in its grasp. With the Pokémon hunting pandemic still dominating many a fan’s social life, it is far too easy to miss out on vital new Pokémon Sun and Moon news -- and this just won’t do.

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With many a dedicated trainer still lost in augmented reality, we thought that we would provide our community with a snap list of the most important new features that will be heading to Pokémon Sun and Moon this November. The way, you stay up to date whilst you play. This stuff, you need to know.

8. You can Bank ‘em all

The Pokémon Bank has been confirmed for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This is by far the most popular storage method for the franchise and players will be able to store up to 3000 Pokémon online.

What’s more is that virtual consoles editions like Pokémon Blue, Red or Yellow will be connected to the new generation via this bank system. Well, well, well, if that’s the case, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle – welcome to Pokémon Sun and Moon!

7. There is a load of pre-order goodness on the way

The Pokémon franchise has become so much more than just a video game. From cuddly toys to bed linen, if you can buy it it probably has a Pokémon iteration of some kind and Pokémon Sun and Moon is no different.

So far, for the UK, EU and Australia there has been confirmed Pokémon Sun and Moon themed 3DS consoles, TCG cards, steelbook containers, posters, pins and even Lunala or Solgaleo figurine, all available as pre-order goodies. If you go for ‘fan editions' then you also get a set of 12 Quick Balls.

We are expecting a lot more when the pre-order details hit the US. The US deals will include all of the above but more is expected.

6. Pokémon Sun and Moon will have nine different languages to choose from, introducing simplified and traditional Chinese for the first time

In pursuit of total world domination, Pokémon Sun and Moon will be inclusive of nine different languages. These games will be the most universally available iterations of the franchise ever.

Pokémon is bridging the generation gap in spectacular fashion and it now seems that they are spanning the language gap in a similar way – make no mistake about it – Pokémon will soon be the world’s biggest most accessible franchise.

5. Bigger and better Pokémon abilities have been introduced

With the introduction of new Pokémon it was only a matter of time that news of new abilities would reach the press. Primarily, these new powerful abilities will be assigned to the new Pokémon. However, expect to see more of your favourite Pokémon stepping up with new abilities to rival the new threat.

Confirmed so far we have 'Corrosion', allowing Pokémon to inflict Poison status on Poison or Steel type Pokémon and 'Disguise', which allows for a Pokémon to escape damage (once) from an enemy attack before its appearance changes.

4. Did someone say Zygarde?

With confirmation of Pokémon Sun and Moon came the very apt question regarding the involvement of Zygarde, the Pokémon that was expected to be the legendary mascot of the disputed 'Z' title. Well, instead, it would appear that Zygarde will now have a role in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

No one really knows exactly what this role will be but CoroCoro magazine reports that two forms of Zygarde Pokémon have been confirmed to appear. Any theories?

3. Custom Battles galore

Battle competitions have been a staple part of the Pokémon experience since the third generation and Game Freaks have certainly not forgotten to include a badass system into their latest seventh gen offering.

This time around players will be able to create custom battles which are governed by the creator’s rules. Everything from Pokedex limitations to time restraints can be built into your custom games. What’s really cool is that once your game is built and ready to go, players will be presented with a custom QR code which can be circulated online, meaning that anyone can jump in and play YOUR game.

2. Waiter, there’s a Rotom in my Pokedex!

The Pokedex is a trainer's best friend, the perfect tool to help navigate through the various worlds of the Pokémon. But this generation of poke-madness has an even better tool: A Rotom inside your Pokedex.

A Rotom is a rare Pokémon that can inhabit electrical devices, this Pokémon will allow for a more detailed look at the world via the Pokedex. It is expected that this introduction will aid trainers to no end with helpful tips, hints and the introduction of more techno-junkie gizmos that will allow for greater exploration.

1. Hyper training

The introduction of ‘hyper training’ will take players beyond level 100, allowing them to continue powering up their Pokémon's IVs past the usual level cap.

This new training method will work for stats across the board: Attack, Defence, Special Attack and Defence plus Speeds can all be upgraded.

What are you most looking forward to seeing in Pokémon Sun and Moon?


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