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This week, we take a look at one of the more frustrating parts of cinematic video games; Cut Scenes.

Our latest animation takes a look at what is sometimes a frustrating affair - what happens when you skip a lengthy cut scene. What appeared to be a boring and long cinematic, but we just want to play the game so we select the glorious skip button. But wait! What do I have to do again?


#5. Max Payne

Why is opening a door suddenly a cut scene? God damnit, I can walk around a room by myself! (I'm looking directly at YOU, Max Payne 3!)

#4 Final Fantasy

Too long, and too excessive. Some cut scenes really aren't that great to watch either. If I wanted bad Anime, I wouldn't have paid for a game!

#3 Resident Evil

To be honest, some is the Boss cut scenes are hilarious. But some of those "quick time events" are not ok. Can I just literally fight this guy with a knife? Leon totally has the ability to. Why do I have to press triangle when YOU tell me to stab the bad guy?

#2 Kingdom Hearts

These just make NO sense. Boss battle - wait for 5 minutes while it eventually gets more evil, fight for a bit, and cut to the boss getting bigger and even more evil for 5 minutes. WHY DO YOU WASTE MY TIME?!?!?!

#1 Metal Gear Solid

No explanation needed really. If someone has managed to make a 4 hour movie, just from parts of the FIRST game and cut scenes, you know it's a long one. And really? A 27 minute cut scene for a game I purchased to PLAY?!?!

Anyway, hope you enjoy our animation, and laugh along with our frustrations. Please share and subscribe :)


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