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What's a good way to ensure a weekend of League of Legends will entertain? Make a bet that seems impossible to lose...then lose it. That's exactly what happened in week eight.

With an upset series tied to above mentioned bet, a few more commendable power plays, and a set of standings very indicative of the post-season magic ahead- week eight was nothing short of amazing.

They Rose From The Ashes, Dyrus Is Now Bald: P1 Defeats Top-Seeded TSM

Inori is a powerhouse (Photo Credit: Riot Games)
Inori is a powerhouse (Photo Credit: Riot Games)

Someone had to take down previously undefeated TSM, right? I don't think many fans expected it to be P1. Streamer and former TSM top-laner, Dyrus, didn't expect it either:

After TSM steamrolled through game one, P1's Inori brought his A-game for game two. Pulling Rengar out of his pocket, he used the damage-heavy jungle champion to carry game two: leading Dyrus to make a bold bet in support of his former team:

Game two put TSM in full-tilt, making game three relatively easy for P1 to pick up. Dyrus had made the League community an offer they couldn't refuse, and he spent the rest of the weekend coming to terms with his ultimate fate:

During Riot's Prime Time League on Wednesday, July 27th, Dash had the honor of shaving the legend's head. Check it out below and feel free to check out the game two and game three highlights to see P1's unforgettable performance for yourself!

Team Fights and Full-On Damage: Week Eight Power Plays

Aphromoo joking with CLG coach, Zikz.
Aphromoo joking with CLG coach, Zikz.

With playoffs in sight, I expected to see some impressive power plays. My prediction was correct. Here are this week eight's standout moments:

  • Inori (P1): While a 5v4 teamfight was going on in bot lane, P1's Inori took his full damage Rengar to win game two in their upset series against TSM. This amazing seige is one for the record books.
  • Sneaky (C9): How many times has C9's ADC made this list already? In yet another impressive play, Sneaky was able to secure his second pentakill of the split in their second game against P1. With a total NA LCS pentakill count of only four so far, Sneaky holds half of them. In fact, C9 holds three-quarters of them (Jensen's week seven penta). Impressive, right?
  • CLG (All members): CLG's entire roster deserves credit for this epic team fight that won't soon be forgotten. In the tie-breaker game of their series against TL, CLG was woefully behind, yet picked the right fight at the right time, killing all enemy players without any casualties of their own. Check it out below!

Playoffs and Relegations: Fixed Yet Slightly Flexible Standings

Photo Credit: Riot Games
Photo Credit: Riot Games

As shown in the picture above, there is only one unsecured playoff spot left: that of sixth seed. Team Envy and Apex have a tense week nine ahead of them as they fight to stay relevant. As for the bottom seeds, Echo Fox will be unable to avoid relegation while Phoenix1 and NRG both stand to pull themselves out of relegation territory if they can 2-0 this week. Of course, that relies on seventh seed Apex having a horrible week as well.

As for the top seeds, Team Solomid and Immortals will break their tie by week nine's end. They play each other in the Match of the Week, making their second match-up crucial to the standings. Who will take the top spot? Considering all of week eight's surprises, it may be impossible to predict.

The ninth and final week of the NA LCS Summer Split begins tonight at 6pm EST/3pm PST. You can stream the action live on YouTube or Twitch. Keep an eye on my page for a week nine recap as well as coverage of playoffs and, of course, Worlds. As always, play (and watch) more games!


The first place tie will be broken in the week nine Match of the Week. Who will end the split on top?


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