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Mafia III has been everywhere lately, with crazy awesome trailers to incredible theories and rumors! In development since 2012, and being produced by 2K Games, we are in for a treat with this third installment of the Mafia franchise. Mafia III will follow Lincoln Clay, an orphan and a soldier of the Vietnam war, back to find a family he can call his own. His refuge is the Black Mob, who are viciously betrayed and wiped out by the Marcano Crime Family. Now he's hell bent on revenge and out for blood!

Before you take control of Clay and run hot through the streets of New Bordeaux (A reimagined 1968 New Orleans) though, let's take a look at some amazing theories and rumors circulating the game.

Familiar Faces

Rumor has it there is a mission where you will be visiting Vito's sister in Empire Bay from Mafia II. How long will be get to enjoy the Bay or will it be a short cinematic visit? Either way I'm more than excited to revisit any part of the second game! Maybe she will have a larger role than we think.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs! (Leaked Map)

Above is supposedly a leaked map from the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 from Rockstar Games. The thing that people are noticing is the city of New Bordeaux prominently featured in Mafia III is listed on RDR2's map as well. (Bottom of the map right under BAYOUNWA.) Although there will be anywhere from 70-100 years difference between the two games, RDR2 most likely being set in the 1800's and Mafia III being set in 1968 there are possibilities of easter eggs or teases to RDR2 in Mafia III. Getting chills yet?

Joe's Fate From Mafia II

We all have been dying to know's Joe's fate at the end of Mafia II. Does he live? Does he die? Does he make it to the cathouse? What in the world happened to Joe. According to rumors and theories we will learn of Joe's fate in Mafia III. How we find out is the mystery. Will we have a cinematic, a story piece, or even a secret mission? There's whispers of a mission, where you play as Joe in the frightful end scene and make sure you live to see the end of it.

And for the finale, the most talked about theory of all;

Is Joe the father of Lincoln Clay?

Throughout Mafia III's trailers, it is heavily influenced that Lincoln is of biracial heritage. Half white, half black. Joe, as we know, was a smooth talking womanizer and we do know that he had to flee south while there was a bounty on his head. Possibly New Bordeaux? It's incredibly possible Joe could've fathered a son and not known of it. There are possible timelines that match up correctly and some have noticed they might even share similar facial traits. However according to Mafia Wikia, Lincoln's parents are reported to be unnamed and deceased. Could it be purposefully misleading and deter from the truth or is this a stretch? I'll let you decide in the comments below.

Here's a cool video explaining how this theory could work by Jimsplosions.


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