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What would you be willing to pay in order to play No Man's Sky right now?

We're a little over a week away from the game's PS4 release date and it's blindingly clear how obsessed people are over this space adventure. But the more dedicated and patience-free players have had the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are. And, as it turns out, you can fit A LOT of $$$ inside a gamer's salivating mouth!

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$2,000 For Early Copy of 'No Man's Sky'? Seems Fair

Yep, it seems early copies of one of the year's most anticipated games are out in the wild. For instance, here's one redditor who was able to persuade a shop clerk to sell him an early copy of the game. Proof of purchase below.


We've no idea what'll happen if the fortunate player attempts to play the game, but if the early copies of Uncharted 4 are anything to go by, he'll be able to enjoy No Man's Sky a week ahead of the rest of the world without penalty.

But while this dude can revel in its majesty for face value, this guy shelled out more money than I care to consider.

It's not even sealed! The guy opened it and you're willing to pay two THOUSAND dollars to play the game a week early? This is without taking into account that this particular, non-returnable copy of No Man's Sky may be entirely fake.

On that note, people have examined the leaflet inside of the game, which is a promotional sheet for No Man's Sky. Some find it peculiar, but almost every modern game features a form of advertisement for itself inside the box. However, what is unusual is that it contains a release date of June 21, 2016 - the game's original release date before being delayed to August. It's quite possible that all copies of the game will ship this way, but if I can conjure any kind of doubt over the validity of this particular one I would be more than reluctant to pay face value for it, never mind $2,000.

However, the seller's feedback history suggests that he's come into contact with early copies of games before. They appear to have sold one Quantum Break disc for a total of $350 a few months ago. You won't be able to find the listing on eBay though, so take from that what you will.

Additionally, what with copies clearly leaking all over, players have attempted to stream the opening minutes of No Man's Sky on Twitch. However, Sony has been keeping a key on the site ensuring that anything featuring gameplay is taken down.

Be vigilant people, we feel like this is one game that really shouldn't be spoiled before you experience it yourself.

So, for the rest of the world, No Man's Sky will be arriving on PS4 on August 9, and two days later for PC. Patience is a virtue, friends.

How much would you be willing to pay for an early copy of No Man's Sky?

Source: [VideoGamer]


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