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When you think of sci-fi movies and games, what would be the first things to pop into your head? Aliens, badass technology, critiques on the human condition and, more often that not, a trip through space, right? But would you consider the title's musical score?

The music of science fiction does wonders to transport you to the alternate worlds of the bustling genre, placing you in the heart of danger, intrigue and adventure, whist retaining enough soul to describe the inner most workings of its character's psyches. That's what has me so pumped about No Man's Sky's soundtrack.

Crafted by the excellent math rock/post-rock band, 65daysofstatic, No Man's Sky's soundtrack promises utterly epic encounters in the universe of the game. But whilst the soundtrack will be fantastic – and is judging by what has been released so far –I'm still going to throw together my own custom playlist to journey to. Because, you know, a game that has 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to explore may need some exterior funs for you to keep on chooglin'.

So come with me as I take you on a jaunt through my...

8 Perfect Sci-Fi Scores To Play 'No Man's Sky' To

Exploring Worlds

'Main Titles (Overture)' & 'Giant Footprints In The Sand'

by Bebe & Louis Barron

from Forbidden Planet

Doesn't this iconic and tense theme perfectly describe landing on an alien world for the very first time? How the confusion of the score's sweeping synth escalates as your tension does when making contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms for the first time. And the beeps, which sound a lot like an intergalactic Yoshi, could be the tones of creatures conversing with each other. Man, this is so dope!

'Kaneda's Theme'

by Geinō Yamashirogumi

from Akira

In my personal opinion, there are few scores that capture the amalgamation of futuristic landscapes and ancient cultures better than Akira's sensational official soundtrack. Imagine stumbling across one of No Man's Sky's monoliths and a friendly but reclusive race that guard its ancient secrets! Yes, that would be nice.

'The Prophecy'

by Brian Eno

from Dune

Imagine with me now, finally reaching the top of mountain of sand in one of the game's procedurally generated worlds and peering across an arid horizon, matched with nothing but sand, or ice, or endless streams of water. Eno always manages to find such grace and scale in his work, and I think I may have this winding its way through my headphones once I finally slip No Man's Sky into my PS4.

Exploring Space

'Main Theme'

by Jerry Goldsmith

from Alien

Goldsmith's accidental and iconic opening theme for Alien conjures up such strong senses of isolation, unease and a fleeting wonder for the mysteries of space. And with NMS being procedurally generated, who knows what we may discover at the outer reaches of the galaxy. Or whichever galaxy you happen to be at that time.

'Uncharted Worlds'

by Sam Hulick

from Mass Effect Trilogy

Definitely my favorite piece from Sam Hulick's epic score for an epic series of games, 'Uncharted Worlds' is quite simply the soundtrack of space travel. Every time you open up the Normandy's map, this piece and its warm ambience welcomes you to blistering adventures through the galaxy, like an electric fanfare of sorts. Watch out for them reapers though...


by György Ligeti

from 2001: A Space Odyssey

This unashamedly epic and terrifying piece hails from the lord of science fiction movies, A Space Odyssey. And would be a perfect accompany to the horrors you will find on your travels through the stars. The way the movement rises and falls yet still retains its icy grip of terror throughout is a total accomplishment.

Fighting for Survival

'End Titles'

by Vangelis

from Blade Runner

You didn't think I could do a list of this kind and not throw in a piece from one of the greatest sci-fi movie adaptations of all time? Vangelis' heavenly score deserves pride of place in any best of list. But the movie's end theme is one of pure palpitating power and suspense that will do well to accentuate the tension of running away from angry Sentinels.

'Duel of the Fates'

by John Williams

from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

And finally, how about one of the most seminal pieces of battle music, straight from the mind of cinema's master composer. 'Duel of Fates' would be a bit of a push to throw into the adventurous escapades on a planet's surface or in the dark of space, but it would be sick nonetheless, right?

What would be your perfect 'No Man's Sky' backing soundtrack?


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