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Whoever said you had to be good all of the time? Back in the day it seemed that every game I played had special cheat codes that would enable me to do something truly ridiculous. Enter a simple code and boom; you're flying around the map in your underpants. These cheat codes, snuck in by the developers, added hours of gleefully absurd gameplay.

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Gaming back then was just all out fun, I used to be invincible. No, really. I used the code and everything. I remember sitting around the television with my friends laughing so hard that Sunny D would come out my nose. The cheats were hilarious. They allowed us to do some really messed up junk. And that messed up junk is what I am here to remind you of.

Here are six of my favourite video game cheats that, to this day, slay me every time I see them in action.

6. GTA - Flying Car (& Wheels Only Please)

Aside from the obvious jetpack cheat in GTA: San Andreas and super punch code in GTA IV, the best GTA cheats, for me, are the flying cars; accessible in GTA: Vice City and the 'Wheels Only' cheat accessible in GTA: San Andreas. These cheats added hours and hours to the gameplay – I literally could not stop playing the games I was having that much fun.

Watching cars roll by with nothing but the wheels and the driver was slapstick comedy at its best, Touché, Rockstar!

5. Timesplitters - Human Gun Effects And The Gingerbread army

Timesplitters had many an awesome cheat code, the series was famed for it, but two in particular remain top of the pile for me. In Timesplitters there is a code that you can enter that turns all the enemies into ill-tempered mutated gingerbread men. It was hilarious at the same time as being really freaking eerie. Stomping through an army of gingerbread men with high velocity weaponry just felt right though.

My most favourite cheat code for the series though comes into play in Timesplitters: Future Perfect. The cheat replaced the gun noises in the game with human made sound effects. Honestly, this is the funniest thing ever. Pew, pew, pew, bang, bang, PSSCHHOOWWOHH!

4. Rise of The Triad - Dog Mode

Anyone up for a more dyslexic approach to god mode? A great game that many of you will have forgotten about but are now remembering with great fondness is Rise of the Triad. Long story short, this game introduced a mode that would allow the player to transform into a dog and play through the game in first person dog mode.

You could jump, bite and scratch your enemies to death. It was super fun and something I may try and dig out and play again soon.

3. Saints Row - HoHoHo

This was a cheeky cheat that would turn all the civilians into 'Pimps' and 'Hos'. This would basically dress up everyone around you in the most ridiculous clothing complete with dildo bags and gimp suit stalkers.

There was also the 'Heaven Bound' cheat that would dispatch all those you kill either up to heaven or down to hell. To be fair, Saints Row is another cheat ridden classic that you could play for hours.

2. GoldenEye 007 - DK Mode

This is where it all began for me. My love of first person shooters came from GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64. I spent hours playing this game, playing and replaying missions – I took it super seriously. But then a friend told me about this new DK mode and my life was never the same again.

Running around with massive heads shooting the hell out of one another was just brilliant. I was just all so comically perfect that I will never forget it.

1. Tomb Raider - Exploding Lara

This is my personal number one simply because of the joy it brought when recommending to friends. Basically, this cheat was advertised as a tool to get Lara Croft to appear nude in the game. Now, for me -- a teenager at the time -- this sounded like something that should definitely be tested.

As it turns out, what actually happened was that instead of getting nude and making me the happiest chap in town, Lara would, instead, explode.

Not quite what I had hoped, but perfect when recommended to friends. Their reactions when the same thing happened was hysterical. In desperation they would re-entered the code in the hope that they had typed the code in incorrectly. “Tell me again what the code is she just exploded, what am I doing wrong TIM!!??” Brillo!!

Great times! Do you remember these cheats and what were your favourite cheat codes?


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