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Pokemon Go players are desperate to find hints and teases as to where we can find certain Pokemon. Many players thought that going to Area 51 would unlock Mewtwo, and fans of the series theorized that going to a volcano or Arctic tundra would unlock Moltres and Articuno, respectively. With the legendary bird trio and Mewtwo confirmed to be in the game in some form, whether that be in the open or during a future event, many have started to wonder: Where is Mew?

Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon and the first mythical Pokemon in the franchise. Mew is infamous for being almost unobtainable in the games, having only been distributed through events or mystery gifts. While he is unobtainable in the wild, he is still part of the official Kanto Pokedex, being the 151st and last entry.

Being unobtainable in the original Red and Blue games, Mew's existence was subject to debate within the Pokemon community. There were many theories about encountering the mythical creature, the most popular being that he was under a truck in Vermilion City. The only clue we actually had that hinted at the existence of Mew in the game was a journal in Cinnabar Mansion. This journal states that Mew was discovered in Guyana, South America. 20 years later and this journal has once again started a debate about the existence of Mew in Pokemon Go. Oh, how I love it when everything comes full circle!

Now this is a pretty ridiculous theory, but players believe that this is a clue that Mew is hiding within the jungles of Guyana. Yes, Guyana. As in the tiny country in South America. It is a highly unlikely theory, but it does have some credibility to it. Mew does come from a country within our own world, as apposed to a fictional, in-game region such as Kanto or Johto. It would be a great nod to the original games if Niantic did plant Mew in the jungles of Guyana, but I doubt one would be able to get strong cell phone reception there with the servers constantly crashing in metropolitan areas, never mind a remote jungle.

If this theory is true then Mew will become the fifth Pokemon within the game to become region locked, as Tauros, Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd and Kangaskhan are respectively locked to America, Europe, Asia and Australia. But it is highly likely that Niantic plan to distribute Mew as an event Pokemon (following the traditions of the games) as opposed to planting him in a remote jungle. Nevertheless, if anyone is crazy enough to test this out, please record and tell us if it holds true!

What's the rarest Pokemon you've caught in Pokemon Go so far? Let me know in the comments — and where you found it!

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