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I think it's officially official. Everyone on the planet has heard of Pokemon Go. Even if those friends have let you know that it's the most ridiculous thing they've ever heard of, that means that they have at least heard of it. In fact, we're still in the same month of the app's official release day, and it's already gotten over 50 million downloads!

Which leads me to the purpose of this. Niantic has pleased (or ticked off) all the Pokemon fans of the world, but what about the rest of us? I'll be honest, I'm one of those “never liked Pokemon until this app came out and now I can catch all sorts of funny looking things” guys, so I enjoy Poking sometimes. Pokemoning? Pokeballing? Whatever.

But I enjoy other TV shows and games much, MUCH more than Pokemon. Games and TV shows that I would ditch Pokemon Go for in a New York minute.

Here are a few “Go” style apps that need to happen, and now!

1. Walking Dead Go

Instead of those cute, weirdly-named little creatures, you run around a desolate wasteland (or that green Google Map-looking thing) chopping up zombies and maniacs with barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats. The rare walkers you want to find are the bicycle walker, little walker girl with her teddy bear, and, of course this dapper guy:

Your choice of weapons get better as you progress, from a simple machete for Levels 1-5

To a nice, clunky rifle for Levels 5-10

And Level 15 and up, you can get this sweet thing:

Or, if you're lucky, you'll pick up Daryl's weapon of choice - a crossbow!

2. Harry Potter Go (But For Real)

Unfortunately for about a billion Muggles, and one of our own Creators who was really, REALLY excited to see this happen (so, sorry Tiffani!), there was a rumor flying around that this has already been created. Alas, it's still the stuff of dreams. But how cool would it be to wander around a Hogwarts-style map, finding spells, horcruxes, and students making out? Or even - dare I say it? - fantastic beasts!

Get all powered up, and you get yourself a Nimbus or Firebolt to fly around on and find dragon eggs...the Parsel-bilities are endless!

3. Mario Bros. Go

This one just speaks for itself.

The Squirtle Turtle...

becomes the Koopa Turtle!

Tell me you wouldn't hit that and then jump all over it. Or, better yet, to capture them, you'd HAVE to jump up and down while the motion sensor in your phone evaluated your jump skills.

4. Star Trek Go

You could not leave your neighborhood and still boldly go where nobody has gone before! Except for everyone else in your neighborhood. Imagine being the Enterprise and exploring but never interfere (unless for some reason you have to, just like in every episode of Star Trek ever). Or you can be a Kardashian Warbird from the Kardashia Quadrant, in search of planets to destroy, invade, conquer, or just plain annoy to death with constant selfies.

Those are my four choices for the next wave of Go apps. Let me know in the comments what show or game you'd gladly shell $1.99 out for!


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