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Pokemon Go has easily taken the world by storm in its mere three-week existence, but some players have been utilizing third-party sources to help "Catch 'em all." That is, until July 30th, when Niantic disabled sites that gave GPS locations of Pokemon in real-time. While they did this, Niantic also released an update that got rid of the footstep tracking in-game entirely.

Better get walking....
Better get walking....

However, even without those live sites actively tracking Pokemon, numerous trainers have already banded together to help each other find all of the Pokemon they may be missing. Tracking and Battery Saver weren't the only things that were lost that fateful day, many "nests" were also either removed or mixed up thanks to the update.

What Are "Nests"?

Nests are places where many of a certain type of Pokemon tend to spawn, some examples of this are Dratinis and Magnemites on Navy Pier in Chicago, and Ratattas on Planet Earth. If you're near a big urban area, odds are there are thousands of other players around you that have scoped out the area for some of these "nests" and if there is a Facebook group for your city, odds are there have been some posts about them too! As previously stated though, many nests have been changed around since the last update, so finding that Pikachu may be a little harder than it used to be.

Why Nests Need To Be Moved Every Now And Then

Where can I find this Squirtle nest?
Where can I find this Squirtle nest?

The Pokemon Go news has been insane since its launch, with one person already catching them all, a bot hitting the level cap, and even people paying thousands of dollars for an account. But with people so crazy about it, it won't take long for people to get bored with the game before its Gen 2 update, so to keep more people from catching them all and ultimately taking a break until they forget about the game, the best way to make sure people are still searching for Pokemon is to move them all around a bit. What's also important is that nests aren't removed (and for fellow Chicago Pokemon Masters, Dratini is still at Navy Pier), they're just moved around a bunch.

What About Tracking?

This could be us but I CAN"T FIND YOU PIKACHU
This could be us but I CAN"T FIND YOU PIKACHU

As most (read: everyone) playing Pokemon Go realize, the footprints underneath Pokemon on the nearby tracker have been locked at three for a while, and since the update, they've been completely gone. As if that's not enough, sites like Pokevision that helped players find Pokemon around them have been asked by Niantic to cease operations. While other sites like Pokeradar are still around, Pokeradar uses crowd-sourced information, so its accuracy is not always 100% (and if you see a Mewtwo in the sketchy part of town, it might be smartest not to go get it).

It May Actually Be A Good Thing

Besides people begging for refunds after the patch that took away tracking, the update may actually be good for the game. Without players doing one-off adventures to quickly nab a specific 'mon, they'll probably venture out more on day-long quests (and hatch even more eggs while they're at it). The loss of the tracking feature doesn't mean it'll be harder to get Pokemon, it just makes it less easy to find them, which means we probably won't have thousands of people with complete Pokedexes before the Gen 2 update is even close to ready.

Also, for anyone who has played a regular Pokemon game, maybe we should do what we normally do, and run through tall grass until we find something!

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