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Last week we reported on a gamer who had bought an early PS4 copy of the upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky off eBay for $2,000 and apparently he wasn't the only one.

Redditor u/daymeeuhn also snagged an early copy of the game off eBay, loaded it up, and played through to its "ending" in about 30 hours. He has a number of posts on Reddit both spoilery and non-spoilery about his experiences completing No Man's Sky.

There is also video footage of his adventures beating No Man's Sky, but that has been taken down off of YouTube, Daily Motion, and other sites. Although, apparently it's still available on Pornhub, of all places.

How could someone already beat No Man's Sky in 30 hours?

You may be asking yourself how he got in the game so early with the disc. That's because the servers are already up for game journalists to play review copies now in order for them to have their reviews and impressions ready in time for the game's launch on August 9th of PS4 and August 12th for the PC.

Even though he was able to get in on that, what he experienced may not have been the final build of the game. Players logging in on launch day may not experience the bugs and balance issues that he describes in his Reddit threads.

A particular concern of his was that while he could upgrade his suit and multitool/weapon to maximum, he could not do so with his ship. This seems like an oversight that would be fixed by launch.

As for his finishing the game in 30 hours estimate, that needs some qualifications. No Man's Sky is truly a sandbox game with no end. Its well touted 18 quintillion planets to explore has made sure there are endless places to go and things to do.

Players will start the game at the edge of the galaxy and be given a vague, hand-wavey goal of get to the center, but they are by no means bound to that directive.

No Man's Sky takes 40-100 hours to reach the center of the galaxy

The devs have stated at various times that getting from the edge to the center of the galaxy would take anywhere from 40 to 100 hours of game time if the player didn't take too many detours and devoted all their in-game time to the goal. The real goal of the game is to explore - but, really, the goal isn't to "beat" No Man's Sky.

Min/maxers are only setting themselves up for disappointment.

The 30 hours being quoted now has some players concerned. But that's just for the min/maxers that want to burn as quickly as possible through a game that's not designed for power players. These types are only setting themselves up for disappointment with this kind of game.

The devs also said that better upgrades were available towards the center, so Redditor u/daymeeuhn made it his goal to do so. What he found at the center is a mystery, though, he is not willing to reveal.

Apparently, there are quite a few well-hidden surprises in the game and the more u/daymeeuhn explored, the less he was willing to spoil about the game.

So, brace yourselves as more leaks are starting to pour in and official previews begin rolling out. A

nd remember this game is not about a race to the center of the galaxy, but about the journey of discovery along the way.

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