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The Justice League trailer barely dropped at San Diego Comic Con and already it's been remade by the gaming community. In this case, YouTuber UpisNotJump who specializes in recreating trailers with Fallout 4 mods set his sights on the DC Comics/Warner Bros superhero slugfest and the results are quite impressive.

Here's his version:

And for comparison, here is the original Justice League trailer:

Shot-for-shot Justice League trailer remake

As you can see, he did a rather impressive almost shot-for-shot remake of the official trailer down to camera angles, sets, and lip syncing.

I was particularly impressed with how he mimicked many of the character costumes. Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Batman were all instantly recognizable. In fact, I far prefer his version of Cyborg's armor compared to what we've seen of it in the actual movie.

He also did a good job with the Batman/Flash scene. And while the shuriken was a nice stand in for the batarang, it was too bad he couldn't customize the thrown weapon. It would have been perfection.

If you enjoy UpisNotJump's Fallout 4 trailer be sure to check out his other trailer remakes as well:

Bonus: Not a trailer, but he also recreated some of Rick and Morty's best scenes in Fallout 4 with some hilarious results:

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