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deaf Transgender girl. Real Life version of Korra, virtual cosplayer and big time gamer. Creator of uBSN, Saturn News and many more.
Cassandra Saturn

It is with regret I am announcing that our beloved Forums, the Bioware Forums, are closing on August 26, 2016 and will be deleted forever by October 26, 2016. You have three months to back up and save everything you have.

Bioware, known for the Mass Effect game series, has decided to close the public popular boards for Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and its legacy games—Baldur's Gate, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, MDK2, Shattered Steel and Sonic Chronicles, for reasons unknown. They are asking everyone to move to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr for updates on Andromeda.

That alone is causing the community to feel even more divided, moving to various unrelated community forums or at least related community forums.

Hope for the Bioware Community users
Hope for the Bioware Community users

But here is hope for the Bioware Community. An entirely new Bioware Forum was created two days ago, named the Unofficial Bioware Social Network.

I take great pride in presenting the new forum.

Unofficial logo for Bioware Social Network
Unofficial logo for Bioware Social Network

As written by me:

"As the members of the BioWare Forum are scrambling to find new homes, questions are rightly being asked about the people proposed to run future forums.

As administrator of the Unofficial uBSN on the ProBoard platform. it’s right that I introduce myself a little more fully, as I have had a colourful history on BSN and I want to set out my aspirations for the future of BSN which can now only be unofficial following BioWare’s decision.

I am Cassandra Saturn, a 27 year-old trans woman living in Puyallup near Seattle. I love and deeply enjoy the feeling of community that comes from discussing the pros and cons of these games.

I first joined official BSN in 2010 and must hold up my hand to having been a bit of a ‘troublemaker’ in the past. Never with malicious intent, but I can understand why people would have facepalmed at my choices about what I had done in my life and what I was and had made and the conversations I would have with my own alts. I know I drove the ME3 multiplayer users crazy long time ago. I understand how I got that reputation, but I’m older now, and if not wiser, a little calmer :-)

I'm going to try to stop arguing on BSN with those who have concerns, because the only real way I can address those is through my future actions.

I’d like our future home to be one that welcomes most sections of the BioWare fanbase, whether optimistic or pessimistic, appreciative or critical, a multiplayer or only single player. We can cope with cheeky and amusing (to a point) but will also be kind and supportive, and tough on the nasty and the haters. I want our forum to not only be somewhere that we can talk to each other enjoyably, but somewhere that in time even BioWare staff could lurk and feel safe to occasionally make a contribution without the pressure of it being on their official site.

I’m really good at building forums and forum structures, the uBSN group is already active with some 600 posts in 36h. But for the sake of credibility and community access I’m reaching out to some leading community members to help (with admin access), including some who may not previously have wanted do so with a 10 foot pole, so no-one need worry that anything strange is going to happen to this group going forward. I’m also assembling a team of reliable and communicative moderators who will moderate well not indiscriminately.

If we put our minds to it we can have a community to enjoy without some of the negatives. That will help to prevent our community from fragmenting. We only have a few days before official BSN locks, so I hope you will join me or at least check uBSN out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you have any questions, please reply in this thread or PM me direct.



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