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Who would have thought Exeggutor could have gotten weirder?

New gameplay features, alternate Pokémon forms and changes to the evolution system were all shown off in a new six-minute, Pokémon Sun and Moon video released by the Pokémon Company. Check it out:

The video gave us new glimpses at a few new gameplay features that were briefly shown off in a previous trailer. To start, Z-Moves are a new gameplay mechanic which can be activated (once per battle) when a Pokémon is holding the corresponding Z-Crystal to the player's accessory bracelet. As you can see at the beginning of the video, these moves pack quite a punch.

We also got a more extensive look at riding Pokémon. In this iteration of the monster catching franchise, trainers have the ability to ride various Pokémon across land and sea. The video shows trainers riding Pokémon from both the upcoming and previous generations.

Continuing on with what was the most surprising part of the video, some classic Pokémon are getting facelifts. Sandshrew and Vulpix - along with their evolution counterparts - have been re-imagined as ice-types. Furthermore, perhaps the weirdest variation of the re-imagined classics was Exeggutor. Looking even more like a tropical palm tree, Exeggutor's new frame is so tall that it gets cut off by the gameplay screen. Oh, and did I mention he has a tail now, too?

A handful of new Pokémon coming to Sun and Moon were shown off as well. Included in these are a group of four dancing birds, which clearly mimic four different styles of dancing: cheerleading, Hula, traditional Japanese fan dancing and what appears to be Spanish flamenco dancing. You can check out the rest of the new Pokémon in the video above.

Additionally, a few more non-playable characters were seen in the video, but it's unclear as to what their role in the story will be beyond battling your hero/heroine.

So what do you think about the new features and Pokémon coming to Sun and Moon? Let us know in the comments below!


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