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Some things in life are better left to the imagination, and though I wish I could accurately describe Gal*Gun Double Peace so that I didn't have to subject you to its bizarre imagery, it kind of needs to be seen in order for you to get why this is funny.

But understand: it doesn't get more NSFW than this (well... maybe it does).

Gal*Gun Double Peace, Rated E for "Sexual Content"

The joy of video games, huh?

So yeah, this is a Japanese adventure game that involves the player, who's been struck by Cupid's arrow, fending off female characters who are transfixed by the protagonist's sexual allure. For some reason they're often depicted "wearing revealing outfits" and in "sexually suggestive positions." Some of these positions include, but are not limited to, arched on the ground:

Stuck in a window:

And at the mercy of a tentacle monster:

If that wasn't enough, Gal*Gun Double Peace also features what's known as a 'Doki-Doki' mode, where players attempt to bring these women into a state of euphoria with the magical touch of their cursors. All they have to do is click on certain body parts and watch the girls go crazy. Sexual moaning is known to accompany these images, as well as sexual innuendos.

The rating board who examined this Japanese marvel even took notes on some of the game's lines, such as "Are you sure you can pull out in time?"; "Can you show me your boobs?"; "You're doing it so hard… I think I'm about to…"; and "I'll rip your clothes off lustfully!" Love that last one.

What I'm getting at is that Gal*Gun Double Peace is clearly a game that deserves its mature (M) rating. Which is why this is so brilliant:

The box art for the game was brought to Destructoid's attention by Wario64 over on Twitter. Seems that the ratings board let something slip them by, huh?

Or maybe they're starting to loosen the definition of "mature content"... but only on the back of the box?

We imagine that this mistake will be rectified pretty quickly and these Vita copies of Gal*Gun will become rarities that collectors may one day desire.

But for those of you that are interested, Gal*Gun Double Peace is out on PS4 and Vita in Europe and will arrive on August 2 in the US with all of its sexual content intact. ENJOY!

Do you think Gal*Gun Double Peace deserved its E for Everyone rating?

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