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NSFW WARNING: Click away if you want your childhood to remain intact!

Ever since the launch of Pokemon Go, the internet has had a grand old time turning the nostalgic game into a viral sensation. The game has spawned meme after meme such as the already-classic 'come over' meme and the legendary 'Spongegar' sensation.

The internet has never failed to let us down. Of course, it's the internet, and the internet was the reason the saying "this is why we can't have nice things" was invented, so...of course, the memes have taken a somewhat, uh, raunchier turn.

This Time The Internet Has Crossed A Line And Ruined Childhood Forever

Remember Diglett? The cute little Generation I Pokemon that resembles a somewhat phallic whack-a-mole? Well certain players have been getting very 'creative' with him...

I wish I could say there weren't an entire sub-Reddit dedicated to this, but you and I both know I'd be lying. Because, the internet.

Others Are Getting A Bit Too Excited About Catching Diglett

And just so you have to live through this horror with me, there are people like this guy, who just want to straight-up ruin your childhood.

Here's me thinking Digletts were very common, but it looks like they're rather hard to catch. Of all the phallic-looking Pokemon to choose from they had to choose Diglett, the most innocent-looking Pokemon. I mean, there is Onix, who is literally a rock-hard penis, or Metapod, who only knows the moves "harden" and "string shot." I mean, seriously? But no, the internet had to choose Diglett to be the sacrificial dick lamb. Poor, sweet, innocent Diglett.

At least it isn't Cloyster or Lickitung. God can only imagine what mischief the internet could get up to with those two Pokemon...


Only one thing remains now: What will we call this latest trend? I myself like the term "Digpics", but I have also seen someone try to coin the phrase "Dicklett" so I'll let you guys decide!


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