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In a new trailer released for Pokémon Sun & Moon, we got the big bomb dropped on us. Vulpix and Ninetails will now have "Alola Forms" where they have completely swapped types and are now Ice Pokémon. Not only that, but Ninetails will actually now be a hybrid Ice and Fairy Pokémon. This is one of the strangest Pokémon typings we've seen in a while.

Why is Vulpix Ice type now?

In the new Alola region, which is modeled loosely on the islands of Hawaii, some older Pokémon have apparently found new ways to thrive and adapt to the diverse biomes of the region.

Ice Vulpix
Ice Vulpix

It's likely that the Pokémon Company is trying to revamp older Pokémon to finagle the new balance of Fairy-types in the series. By retconning Vulpix and Ninetails with Alola Ice forms (Ninetails is also notably Fairy-type now), there's a little more room for other Fire-types.

It's probably because of other new Pokémon

Also, Ice is cool, but the crazier thing is that Ninetails is also Fairy now. Fairy - if you haven't played in while - is strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting types. So, more Fairy Pokémon means new counters to Dark, Dragon, and Fighting Pokémon.

By association, and for the sake of balance, that means we'll probably see more of those types in Pokémon Sun & Moon!

This is especially exciting because Dark and Dragon are two types that Nintendo often sparingly put in Pokémon games because they have so few counters until Fairy was introduced as a type.

Ice/Fairy Ninetails
Ice/Fairy Ninetails

Expect other Gen 1 Pokémon to get updates!

Vulpix and Ninetales are not the only ones getting an ice upgrade; Sandshrew and Sandslash are now going to be Ice and Steel-type Pokémon in Sun & Moon.

And who knows what other new Alola Form Pokémon we'll see getting a type change.

So, does that mean they're now... Iceshrew? Frostslash? We don't actually know if Ice Sandshrew will still get a new name yet, but it seems a bit strange use the word 'sand' for an Ice Pokémon's name!

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