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Everyone knows that Microsoft have definitely gone all out when it comes to making sure that all their players, no matter what age, have always got something to keep them entertained.

It doesn't matter if they are from the early days of the Xbox console with classic games like:

  • Kameo: Elements of Power,
  • Hitman: Blood Money,
  • Stubbs the Zombie (Nothing better than controlling some random person with your detached zombie hand)

Or are more prone to buying more recent games like:

  • The Call of Duty Franchise (I'd name them all we'd be here all day),
  • The ever so popular Fallout games,
  • Or even the absolutely ridiculous Saints Row saga

It is safe to say that the loyal Xbox fans have a wide range of games to choose from to keep them happy, no matter what genre they like.

How the other half live

As a self-confessed PlayStation lover this makes me more than a little envious. Nothing would make me happier than being able to go on a PG-Rated Grand Theft Auto spree with Simpsons Hit & Run or anally probe some hippies in the amazing Destroy All Humans! games without having to root out every wire from my childhood to find the right PlayStation 2 plug (I'm not even sure I can find the controller it's been that long!).

Speaking of Destroy All Humans! it has been rumoured Nordic Games may be making a new addition, but whether this is a completely new game or just a remastered version, hearing this has made me more excited than a dog with two tails.

But unfortunately, I don't think that is good enough. Mainly it involves us all having to go out and spend more dosh on remastered versions of previous games, Skyrim and Crash Bandicoot being the most recent games that this is happening to. Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited as the next person for a remastered version of these. I am just not over the moon about having to pay out for it again.

All the while Xbox has dozens of games that are able to be played and from what I understand this is all free! I will always wonder why PlayStation have not done this yet and are so against backward compatibility, but I can only hope that it happens someday soon. Until then, I am off to find that damn controller.


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