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It seems that the first of the legendary birds in Pokémon GO has been found. Trainers in Ohio are claiming to have caught an Articuno!

Trainers in America’s mid-west are celebrating this legendary occasion as reports on Reddit and Facebook appear to showcase the genuine capture of the legendary ice bird, Articuno.


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Although data miners have uncovered more information pertaining to the existence of the legendary birds in Pokémon GO, this is the first time that a trainer has caught one in the wild.

Where was it found?

The reports of capture are multiple and coincide with a rumour that an Articuno was spotted last week in the same area near a Pokémon GO gym.

These new images, however, appear to show the legendary Articuno actually defending a gym in Franklin, Ohio. Articuno seems to have adopted Ohio as his favourite US state and is willing to fight other Pokémon to defend it.


It was originally theorized that the legendary birds would only be available for capture during official Pokémon GO community based events and even then only for a very short while. The apparent capture of this legendary bird out in Ohio has certainly sparked the fires of controversy.

The news of the now apparent availability of a legendary bird in the wild is enthralling; is there really a chance we could snare a legendary Pokémon? This latest news to come out of Reddit has certainly brought the Pokémon GO community back to life. Trainers are now scouring the globe in search of another rare beasts.

Confirmation on the authenticity of these reports is yet to be received, but they do look pretty convincing to me. I have reached out to Niantic for confirmation and will update this article as and when we know more.


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