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Yesterday, saw the release of the latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon. This five minute video revealed lots of new information about the game, as well as answering a lot of questions that had been posed by previous announcements, such as the role of the bracelet in the game.

However, with all this information brought to our attention, it seemed to pose more questions than answers about what exactly will happen in these new games. This article will look into what these are and what it could mean for the games.

1. Will We Have Mega Evolution?

The lack of even a mention of mega evolution in the build up to this game so far is very confusing. Pokémon mega evolving was so deeply woven into the storyline of XY and ORAS, to begin to explain what it was and how it came about. Its announcement managed to overshadow the introduction of the Fairy type, the first new type in the game for nearly 15 years at the time. There are no signs of Key Stones, no mega Pokémon battling and no new mega evolutions announced or teased. The playable character is not shown at any stage to be capable of mega evolution and nothing has suggested that this new accessory will be capable of holding a key stone as well as these Z Crystals. The new moves on the game, which are almost a 5th move for Pokémon, seem to act in a similar way to mega evolution, with more of the “strong bond between you and your Pokémon unlocks…” jargon.

It could be that containing both Z Crystals and Key Stones in one generation would make the player character even more overpowered than they already normally are for the play-through of the game. But leaving out mega evolution altogether would be a bizarre decision by Game Freak.

2. What is the Core Storyline?

With the latest trailer, we have been introduced to the basic idea of how this story will unfold. However, by now you would expect to have seen a suggestion of Gyms, key locations and an evil team. There isn’t really any suggestion of an evil teams base or a single Gym on the officially released artwork for the region. The new information explains that there are different trials on the 4 islands of Alola, each led by people who specialize in different Pokémon types. At the end of each trial you will face a Totem Pokémon, which is much more powerful than the standard form. Once you complete the Island Challenge Trial, you will battle the Kahuna of the island, one of which is Hala, who was shown to be around when you receive your starter Pokémon. But there is no suggestion they will give out Gym badges or anything of a similar description.

There has also not even a hint of an evil team in this game, which has always been a side goal since Team Rocket constantly got in the way of you becoming a Pokémon Master back in Red and Blue. The main series titles have always had a generic and repetitive storyline to follow, but there is every chance that this game will offer something completely different to every previous generation. A change of that magnitude would be a fun step into the unknown, but would also be a huge risk for Game Freak to take.

3. What About New, Unannounced Pokémon?

So far there have been 31 brand new Pokémon announced, plus the confirmation of the different forms of Zygarde in the game along with Alolan Forms of 5 different Kanto Region Pokémon. X and Y only introduced us to 72 new Pokemon, three of which are exclusive events and Volcanion is still yet to be released in most areas of the world. However, the design team were still busy, as the 6th generation introduced 46 of mega evolutions, meaning a total of 118 new Pokémon were introduced, along with various forms and gender differences. However, this was still the fewest new Pokémon introduced in a single generation, so will Alola introduce more than the sixth generation?

We know for a fact that Pikipek can evolve twice, as shown by its Pokedex entry in the playthrough at E3. We also can safely assume that the starter Pokemon will evolve twice. That means there has to be at least 8 more announced. To add to this, the Island Trials Leader specialising in fire-type Pokémon is said to own a Marowak, suggesting there will be a fire-type Cubone and Marowak introduced to the game. Most the Pokémon revealed seem to be the pre-evolution of something, with the exception of Legendaries and perhaps Drampa, Oricorio and Bewear. But at this stage, with the Alolan forms coming to light, it would be safe to guess that this generation may see a similar amount of new Pokémon introduced, with Alolan forms of classic Pokemon taking the tally of new designs up in the same way mega Pokémon did.

4. Will a Familiar Character/Location be Returning?

There have been hints at things that will be in this game that have still yet to be explained by the Game Freak. With new information due to be announced as soon as 12th August, it looks like the wait for answers could be a short one. The trailer has left out some curious bits of information that may go a long way to unveiling exactly what this game's storyline will be. Only three of the four leaders of the Island Trials have been revealed, each with their own specialist type. I believe the reason the fourth leader has not been shown is because it is a character we already know from a previous game.

There is much speculation that these games will return to Kalos, with lots of reasons to support the argument for why they’d do that. I am only really considering this idea because it would make sense to bring mega evolution into the storyline at that point, maybe upon meeting Professor Sycamore for the first time within these games. Whilst this would be a brilliant thing to do, it would also make little sense from a financial perspective to introduce two regions into one game, unless they believed the sales for the game, matched with the time taken to make it, would be better than the time taken to create two separate games.

If this game were to contain two regions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kanto as the region you travel to. This boy is clearly a Japanese kid that has migrated to the Alola region with his mum, and if he were from the Kanto region originally, like the games were, it would make sense for him to want to return there. In the same way, after 20 years of Pokemon, it would make sense to return to where it all began and play on the nostalgic hype that has run through this year. It would be too late to incorporate now, but on the back of the success of Pokemon Go, to be able to play the original games in colour, let alone full 3D graphics, would be enough of an incentive for a lot of people to go out and get the games, that wouldn’t have considered buying the games before Pokemon Go took over the world. Hopefully luck is involved, and Pokemon Sun and Moon were always going to travel back to Kanto.

The lack of Gyms and an evil team, in the trailers or even suggested on the region’s map, suggest to me that there may be much more to this game than Game Freak has let on at this moment in time. Hopefully the 12th August will go a long way to answering some of the burning questions left by the latest announcement.


What are you most looking forward to in Sun and Moon? What is your favourite Pokemon so far? Do you think there will be a second region included? Let me know in the comments section below.


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