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You talkin' to me? Say hello to my little friend! Both are lines that each and every one of us shooter-happy gamers would have uttered at one stage or another. But which gun made you feel the most badass whilst shooting it? Video games are, mostly, chock-a-block with guns but some of these firesticks stand out more than others.

Not all the weapons in this list are the most powerful, nor are they the most effective; they all earned their place for being the most memorable. This is totally subjective, so I want all your personal favourites posted below in the comments.

To make it fair, I have chosen only one gun from each video game series and have purposely not chosen integrated weapons, like arm cannons and the like. Sorry, Samus.

11. Fat man - Fallout Series

It’s a shoulder mounted launcher that discharges mini nuclear warheads, need I say more? One round wipes out half the map and even produces a mini mushroom cloud. It fires nukes at Raiders faces, so it's going in the list!

10. Chain Gun - Wolfenstein Series

This is where it all began folks -- Wolfenstein 3D. My love for the FPS genre stems from here. The Chain Gun found throughout the Wolfenstein series is the most powerful weapon in the game (the early games anyway), mowing through the hordes of enemies and slaying bosses where they stand. This was the first time I had ever wielded a chain gun and it was a magical moment.

9. The Ripper - Unreal Tournament

Unreal tournament is littered with opponent-bludgeoning weapons, but the Ripper was the most fun. The Ripper is a devastating gun that fires a high velocity spinning disc that ricochets off solid surfaces. This projectile was capable of one shot kills as well as total dismemberment of opponents. This awesome gun even had a secondary mode in which it would fire explosive disks.

Just beware you don’t get in the way of that ricochet.

8. Shrink Ray - Duke Nukem Series

Although this weapon didn’t exactly kill its target, it did allow for one of the most entertaining shooting sprees I have ever had in a video game. The shrink ray, did exactly that, miniaturizing your target into tiny versions of themselves that could then be squashed under your boot. Combined with that comical but gratifying crunch effect, the shrink ray will always remain a firm favourite.

7. RC-P90 - GoldenEye 007

Aside from the Golden Gun of course, the RC-P90 was probably the best gun in GoldenEye 007. GoldenEye 007 is without doubt the king of multiplayer shooters and this gun was the weapon we all went for. You could even dual wield this beast and with a whopping 80 rounds per clip it was the ultimate spy inspired death bringer. What a gun!

6. MK2 Lancer Assault Rifle - Gears of War Series

The default assault rifle in the Gears of War franchise has a chainsaw bayonet. What else could you ask for? This weapon can tear through enemies at range but could also 'literally' tear through enemies up close and personal. With a high rate of fire and the ability to dismember any grub that comes too close, the Lancer is the ultimate monster crushing accessory.

5. Intervention – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The single shot sniper rifle that shot to fame or infamy, depending on how you look at it, for its exceptional ability to double up as a one shot kill / all out assault hybrid. This is the quickscoper's dream gun, the mechanics of the rifle set up perfectly. With the introduction of relevant perks, players who became skilled in the art of quickscoping were nigh on impossible to stop.

An honorable mention has to go out to the AWP from Counter Strike but the Intervention just clinches it for me.

4. Gravity Gun – Half life 2

The series is full of iconic weapons including the ever so popular iron crowbar but it must be a gun, so I am afraid we can’t count that one. We can however, include the gravity gun from Half Life 2.

Yea science! This inspired gadget can manipulate gravity thus transforming the way in which you could tackle any mission. You were limited only by your imagination as any object around you became a projectile. It was a brilliant introduction and one that I will never forget.

3. Gun blade – Final Fantasy VIII

It’s a gun and it’s a blade… I definitely do not need to say anything more on that, of course in real life no one would ever be able to wield that mighty blade but it does make for some fantastic gameplay. It looks stunning and the concept of integrating a revolver onto a sword is inspired.

2. BFG – Doom Series

The Bio-Force Gun, or as most of us know it, Big F***ing Gun. As far as iconic goes, Doom and the BFG take the concept into overload.

As I planned to only take one weapon from each franchise, I was unable to choose the trusty shotgun or the mighty chainsaw. I went traditional and kept it BFG. Remember that feeling you got when you fired this beast for the first time? This is the ultimate monster melting tool.

No one reading this could ever say that this is not one hell of an epic weapon. It reminds me of so many good times, I simply had to have it on the list.

1. The Plasma Cutter– Dead Space Series

This precision weapon allowed for us gamers to tread confidently down many a darkened corridor. The plasma 'gun' allowed for players to target and remove enemy limbs at will. This classic weapon is surely a must for any true shooter fan.

Honourable mentions: Needler from the Halo series, the Pulse rifle from the Alien series (AvP, Colonial Marines etc), the AK-47 from any video game ever, and the MA37 from the Halo Series.

What are your favourite video game guns? Got a top 10?


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