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Hello all who are reading, I am a blogger and youtuber that goes under the screen-name Billy VGAB. I traditionally write on my wordpress site, but the folks at were nice enough to invite me to join them. I will still be writing over at wordpress, but all of my videogame based posts will arrive here first and there will be exclusive gaming posts on here that will not appear on my wordpress. After you enjoy my content and all of NowLoading's content I invite you to my wordpress site and youtube channel for additional content. With the introduction out of the way, the first post I decided to do is a cleaner version of an early analysis video I done on the Triforce. In the video I did speak about the triforce and said what I wanted to say, but the video turned into an addition to the debunked Tetraforce theory that I spoke of in the past.

The Triforce is a part of the Zelda mythos that really needs no introduction. It is the most important item in the Zelda Universe. With a touch, the triforce can grant a wish that one most desires. The Triforce plays an important role in the entirety of Hyrule's long history. When in the care of the royal family, there is it's use of making the kingdom peaceful and prosperous. This is a great risk as seen in all of the adventures that Link set forth on. With this topic in mind I always loved the way LoZ A Link Between Worlds used the triforce within the context of the story. It answered a good question that (if the triforce wasn't a secret to the average inhabitants of Hyrule) a person would raise about the way the Royal family handles the Triforce, 'If so many evil forces threaten Hyrule for the Triforce, why not just destroy the Triforce?' Well now we know, it would plummet Hyrule into the wasteland Lorule became. It also shown the importance the Triforce has for Hyrule, where it's power and what it represents helps keep Hyrule united and able to fend off any threats that come by the Kingdom.

Now what do I mean by what they Triforce represents? I actually think the three pieces of the triforce and who they chose to carry each piece is a very interesting part of the Triforce that goes much deeper than it appears. We all know the wielders of the triforce pieces are Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf. As well as each piece of the Triforce representing Wisdom, Courage, and Power. Now the basis of the Triforce and what it represents is the fact that Wisdom, Courage, and Power are all necessary attributes of a great leader. The Triforce acts as a bridge between the gods and the people of Hyrule, so naturally the triforce is the embodiment of a leader that assures it's people and it's land are as peaceful and prosperous as possible. The separation of the Triforce and hiding the Triforce within those we now know (thanks to Skyward Sword) are reincarnates of those who set up Hyrule and the whole world in it's present form, is a very clever move made by the Royal family. It helps the Triforce remain within Hyrule doing what it does for Hyrule, and it also keeps it away from those who would want it for personal gain. The wielders of each triforce peace are the perfect representation of the respective piece (Zelda=Wisdom, Link=Courage, Ganondorf=Power). Keep in mind when these three attributes are together, they create a great and effective leader, but when separate, they create an unbalanced person. One that is all wisdom is often ignored and unable to act (the perfect example is young Zelda from Ocarina of Time), one that is all courage lack direction and charge forward without a plan (which is why Link is always being guided by a Navi/Fi like character), finally one with all power will feel it is the only one capable to ruling and doesn't care for the land or people but rather cares for gaining more power (Ganondorf in a nutshell, who at times becomes a mindless beast because of these sort of power grabbing actions).

With all of this in mind it's clear to see (even more than before) that the Triforce is a pivotal part in keeping order and balance in Hyrule. The Triforce acts as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual for Hyrule. It 'Links' (Ha) itself with those of Legend that keeps an unfortunate constant clash between good and evil that threatens that physical/spiritual connection. There is no greater importance to the mythos and plot to the Zelda games as a whole than the Triforce. It is truly the center of all of Hyrule's success, as well as the inevitable opposing (and balancing) evil that emerges to change Hyrule's way of life to suit their own desires.


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