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Our latest episode of Game In 60 Seconds is up, and this time, Nic shows us around his favorite shooter of 2016: Overwatch.

Nic has many things to say about Overwatch, but all around he loved it. He, like many others, did have a few things to say about High Noon. Here's the rundown.


  • 22 Characters! So much choice, and so much time to try them all out!
  • Character Classes - killing each other is sooo 2015. It's such a fresh take when you don't have to kill to get points!
  • Getting PLAY OF THE GAME *wipes away tear* Buying a new Victory Pose, and then winning PLAY OF THE GAME
  • Before games start, and players run around emoting and spraying walls - such fun!


  • Bastion winning PLAY OF THE GAME - whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
  • Taking out an entire team, only for Mercy to revive them all
  • Hearing "It's High Noon" and everyone running for cover
  • Having a payload yards away from the delivery point in overtime, praying your teammates can stay alive long enough for you to get there
  • Soldier 76's special ability is really just an aimbot, where is the skill in that?

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