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If you can't seem to capture a Pikachu, you're not alone as many sought-after Pokémon in the augmented reality game have a very low catch rate. A constant source of Poke-wisdom, subreddit TheSilphRoad has extracted data from Pokémon GO and shared the probabilities of you actually capturing a rare Pokémon. The data includes catching rates of all 151 first generation Pokémon. As a result, you might ask which of these creatures is worth wasting all your Great balls on?

Base Capture Rate - Before You Throw A Pokeball

Pokémon Base Capture Rate
Pokémon Base Capture Rate

As in the anime, Magikarp is not a strong Pokémon, and Niantic has taken notice of this and other info that the anime has provided. As a result, Magikarp has a 56% base capture rate meaning that players have a 56% chance of catching this flapping fish in Pokémon GO. So do this 100 times and you'll have your Gyarados, which has an 8% capture rate. Not only that, the second easiest Pokémon in the game is Oddish with a 48% catch rate. While gamers are fed up with Pidgey and Ratata, their capturing rate is much lower than Magikarp and Oddish, standing at 40%. So next time don’t ignore that bird, -- it has a low rate for a reason.

Even though the internet is overflowing with reports of people capturing an Articuno, its catch rate (along with the other legendary Pokémon) is at 0%. Meaning that they only might be available via community events or through other torturous ways Niantic is yet to invent.

Although there's no chance of capturing one of these legendary Pokémon, there's still hope of catching a Charizard or Dragonite in the wild, even though you only have a only 4% chance. So you better hit those PokeStops and stock up on Razz Berries and Great balls because looking at the statistics it's tough out there being a Pokémon Goer!

Pokémon Chance Rate

Pokémon Chance Rate
Pokémon Chance Rate

Granted this makes strategizing a bit easier, as other factors come into play. With the recent update, gamers have noticed that the Pokémon have become more aggressive, utilizing tactics such as, attacking two or even three times in a row or jumping in the air at the exact time you threw the Pokeball. While this has made the game a bit harder, the Pokémon trainer's level also has an effect on the chance rate. For example, if you find a Gengar which has an 8% base capture rate, and you're on level 25, you'll have a 6% chance rate, which is sadly very low.

While these numbers might make you "feel a hint of Gloom" or even discourage you, the goal of Pokémon GO is to catch'em all. Not all Pokémon are created equal, some just flap around and others waste all your Pokeballs. The goal is to keep on it and become a true Pokémon master.

If you want to know where you can find your favorite type of Pokémon head over to:

What Do You Think Of The Base Capture Rate?

Source: TheSilphRoad


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