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Overwatch is a game full of surprisingly rich lore. But since most of the lore is told outside of the video game itself, sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the little details. More than that, it means the information we do get comes in relatively small doses. Which has led to many people trying to piece together the different bits of information provided so far.

Among all these different pieces, one thing seems clear: Blizzard has bigger plans for these characters and knows more about them than has been revealed. That's where the following theories come into play. Several very observant investigators have come up with some pretty insane theories about Overwatch — so insane, they might actually be true.

1. Mercy is the true villain of 'Overwatch'


No matter what her ultimate stance, it's hard to argue that Mercy doesn't play with moral grey areas. But one Redditor has put together the ultimate compilation of information that might change your mind from Mercy as a moral grey to Mercy as an evil entity.

It's definitely something to read in its entirety, but here are the ciffnotes:

  • Mercy has some pretty darn ominous voice interactions with Reaper.
  • Reaper's primary missions have never actually appeared to be to wipe out Overwatch agents — perhaps he's hunting Mercy to stop her from conducting experiments similar to the one that turned him into what he is now.
  • Mercy's name and in-game costumes all have cultural roots that indicate more going on than what might appear.
  • Mercy appears in the form of an angel to disarm others' expectations of her when, in fact, she is a devil in disguise.

2. Sombra is Alejandra from the 'Hero' short

Remember Hero, the animated short revolving around Soldier: 76? The one where he goes all grizzled vigilante on Los Muertos? The going theory for the long-teased hero Sombra — which is Spanish for "shadow" — is that Sombra is actually the little girl, Alejandra, from the Hero short.

After being inspired by Soldier: 76's heroic antics, she has decided to become an Overwatch agent herself — a shadow to Soldier: 76.

"But she's just a little girl in Hero!" Well, yes, but Hero also takes place well in the past. It's one of Overwatch's increasingly prevalent "blink and you'll miss it" moments, but you can tell in one of the background shots that the large LumériCo temples from the in-game map is not present, which indicates it has not yet been built.

3. Lucio was originally designed to be Canadian

We actually have a full article covering the Canadian Lucio theory, but it still makes the list because it's the perfect mix of crazy and plausible.

The short version is that much of the background information surrounding Lucio — his voice acting, his icon, and even one of his skins — all would make much more sense if he were not originally meant to be from Rio, but Canada instead.

Moreover, without Lucio, Blizzard would not have a South American hero in the game. Especially considering the Rio Olympic Games are about to start and there's a whole Brawl revolving around them and Lucio, it seems like having him be Canadian would have meant missing a huge opportunity.

4. Soldier: 76 is Pharah's father

These next three may as well be included as part of an All My Heroes miniseries, because they dive into some series love triangle drama. Many people theorize that Pharah's father is actually Soldier: 76.

After all, the two were founding members of Overwatch, and Soldier: 76 even has voice lines pertaining to Pharah's mom. However, it would seem a little out of character to have Soldier: 76 also be a father who abandoned his daughter. Which makes the next theory a little more likely.

5. Reaper is Pharah's father

Now, here's the thing: Pretty much all of the above logic can be applied to Reaper. Except instead of the death-faking father who just decided to hide after his accident, Reaper actually has a decent reason to not reveal himself as a father.

Namely, the fact that he's basically a walking husk of dead cells. Not exactly the thing someone wants to realize moments after learning the true identity of their father. It's hard to

6. The "Reaper and Soldier: 76 were in a crazy love triangle with Ana" theory

Let's just keep escalating this one, shall we? It's not enough that one of these two might be Pharah's father — no, we have to go deeper.

Some tinfoil hat-wearers think that perhaps part of Reaper and Soldier: 76's rivalry stems from the fact that one of them beat out the other as the object of Ana's affection.

In most pieces of Overwatch's extended lore, Ana is shown positioned between Reyes and Morrison (a.k.a., Reaper and 76 before their near-deaths). Some people believe this to visually indicate some sort of love triangle between the three of them, because the established rivalry between them was not enough.

7. Junkrat is actually Crash Bandicoot

(Warning: Video contains NSFW language.)

Both have similar body shapes. Both have weird smiles. And both have spiky hair and weird eyebrows. Oh, and where are bandicoots from? That's right, Australia. Just like Junkrat.

Checkmate, Activision Blizzard.

Okay, okay. This one is a total joke but it's still very funny. Because, really, no conspiracy list is complete without at least one poorly constructed YouTube video with dramatic music, text-to-voice, and an insistence on the utterly unbelievable. It's time to wake up, sheeple!

Although, the eyebrows, build, and smile do seem so familiar...

Which of these theories do you think is true? Did we miss your favorite theory? Let us know in the comments!


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