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After having played Overwatch for the last several months, you may gave gotten used to the background stories of each of the characters and come to learn the history of each. There are some pretty wild Overwatch theories - there are even arguments that Mercy is a villain! In particular though, if you've been playing Lucioball lately, you probably would celebrate the fact that Lucio's background as a Rio native allowed such a wonderful event to happen.

But, here's an Overwatch theory for you, what if the Lucio theory is true and he wasn't originally a Rio native? What if Blizzard had other plans for a Canadian Lucio — plans that can be seen if one looks closely enough at the relics left behind. It may sound crazy but bear with me here because several signs point to Lucio originally having been intended as a Canadian hero.

This certainly isn't the only conspiracy theory that Overwatch has inspired, but it's an interesting one that certainly holds water. Don't believe me? Let's review some of the facts.

Lucio has no non-English voice lines whatsoever

Overwatch is a game with a large and diverse cast and Blizzard has consistently taken extra measures to make sure characters are representative of the culture from which they come. Which makes it all the more odd that a Brazilian Lucio had no voice lines that would ever indicate he was from Rio. Heck, he doesn't even have an accent!

As one Redditor explains, lacking a Brazilian accent would be understandable, but Rio de Janeiro has a specific enough accent that it should have been easy to give to Lucio, in theory. But that's because Lucio is Canadian.

Lucio's lack of accent is suspicious in light of the fact that Blizzard specifically sought an Egyptian voice actress for Ana who then recorded her lines from Cairo — all for the sake of authenticity.

Lucio is a near-perfect homage to Canada's Deadmau5

It's not exactly a secret that Blizzard has fun taking pop culture icons and referencing them in their games. Heck, the entirety of Lucioball is, let's be honest, Rocket League inside of Overwatch.

So what would it look like if Blizzard decided to pay homage to Deadmau5? Likely, it would be someone who had a habit of dropping the beat, loved to play with synth music, and is represented by a smiling animal icon.

And, in a game that takes place on Earth, it would only make sense that this person would be Canadian — just as Deadmau5 is. Canadian Lucio confirmed.

Still don't see it? Look at the side-by-side comparison of Lucio's icon and Deadmau5's.

Are they an exact match? No. Are they a legally safe, pretty-close match? Heck yes they are.

He has TWO freaking hockey player skins

Do you know how many people in Brazil play hockey? No? Well, guess what. Neither do the people of Brazil*, because the number is so damn low. You know who plays hockey, Lucio? Canadians. That's who.

Seriously, a hockey-player skin is so totally out of place for someone who is supposed to be from Rio. Yeah, Overwatch has some pretty silly skins for its heroes. But even the silly ones tend to at least have some ties to the hero's culture. There is no way you could convince me that a hockey uniform somehow relates to Rio because it just plain doesn't.

The more obvious reasoning is that Blizzard originally meant for Lucio to be Canadian and the hockey skin was a no-brainer. But once Blizzard changed its mind about where Lucio was from, they liked the skin too much to nix from the game.

*(Before you look it up, the actual number is 542, but that ruins the joke.)

'Overwatch' doesn't have any other South American heroes.

This one is admittedly a bit more on the cynical side, but South America is a pretty sizable audience for Blizzard. To release without a South American hero probably would not have been met with a very positive response. And if Lucio was originally meant to be Canadian, it would make sense that he was the one to get a re-do, since Canadians are too nice to ever complain in earnest.

Moreover — and this may be a bit of a stretch — it's possible Blizzard has had the Summer Games theme in mind for a while now and needed a way to tie it into Overwatch. Having a hero from the same town as the 2016 Summer Olympics fits perfectly into this goal and gives everyone an excuse to play Lucioball.

Does all the info form a flawless Overwatch theory for Lucio? Not entirely. But if you're like me, you went into this article far more skeptical than you came out — and now you won't ever look at Lucio the same again.

Have any other evidence that supports the Canadian Lucio theory?


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