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Its been an arduous wait. No Man's Sky was shown off at E3 over two years ago and we've been teased by the idea of its 18 quintillion planets, un-explorable galaxy and unique gameplay systems ever since. Now we find ourselves a little over a week a way from the game's release, and the tension is palpable.

So, you're undoubtedly going to need something to satisfy your insatiable desire to hop into your own procedurally generated ship. How about the game's entire soundtrack, completely free and available online - sound good? I thought so.

65daysofstatic Release Their Soundtrack For No Man's Sky

Created by the experimental rock band 65daysofstatic, the soundtrack is one of the more interesting aspects of No Man's Sky's procedural generation. It actually adapts to the area you find yourself in. For example, if you were to travel to a particularly hostile planet, the soundtrack would reflect that. How does this work? We haven't a clue. But what we do now is how the band came to be a part of the project.

65daysofstatic were approached by Sony and Hello Games after they requested to license one of their tracks for the game's trailer.

"Way back in 2013 we received a request to license the track 'Debutante' from our album We Were Exploding Anyway for a promotional trailer for No Man's Sky," explained band member Joe Shrewsbury, in an interview with The Independent. "We were intrigued by the game, and asked to learn more, and the more we learnt the more we wanted to be involved."

And who could blame them? The mere idea of No Man's Sky has seen people from the The New Yorker and even The Colbert Show express interest in the game's concepts. So once they uncovered what this game actually was, they wanted to push the creators to consider them for the soundtrack. No push was needed.

"We made it abundantly clear that if they didn’t have someone lined up to do the soundtrack, we’d be interested. Fortunately for us, they were fans of our music already, and we met up with Sean not long after that, and were subsequently offered the project."

After having sampled the album and its experimental ethereality, I'm hopeful for No Man's Sky to at least satisfy me in terms of its accompanying soundtrack, but if it doesn't there's always these 8 classic sci-fi scores to get thoroughly lost in space to.

What do you make of No Man Sky's soundtrack?

Source: [Gamespot]


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