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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Über-modder JulioNIB is back up to his old tricks again in the lands of GTA V's code as the tinkerer has brought one of comics' greatest anti-heroes to Los Santos: Marvel's Ghost Rider.

More words for your eyes, reader

Last seen on our screens, well some of our screens, in the form of the irrepressible Nicholas Cage, the Spirit of Vengeance looks to have literally found the perfect home in the urban hellscape of Los Santos.

He rideth uponeth the walls...
He rideth uponeth the walls...

Astride his trusty flaming cycle, GTA V's Ghost Rider comes complete with a full array of devilish abilities to dispatch foes in the funniest/most horrible of ways. Abilities like:

  • Fireball – which can be held down to increase its destructive capabilities.
  • Flamethrower – which can be used in vehicles too!
  • Flaming ammo for all weapons, excluding weapons and melee attacks.
  • A multitude of chain attacks where you can grab a target and do with them as you please. So long as it involves launching them into the distance or setting them alight...
  • And, of course, the penance stare.

There are tons more abilities included too, like GR's ability to drive his motorcycles up walls, and pull off badass stunts, and the like. Man, seriously, this mod looks so good! Check out the video for yourself:

Unfortunately, the only downside to this stunning mod is you will need ScripthookVDotNet up and running before you get to sample Ghost Rider's skeletal charms in game. All that's left to ask now is, will you?

Are you ready to become the Ghost Rider?

(Source: GTA X Scripting)


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