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The Pokémon Go craze holds strong after several weeks. The innovative app takes advantage of the original game's premise and has players exploring their environments and exercising. Unfortunately, many fans have missed the point of the game entirely, choosing to use bots to trick their GPS and automate the game's controls to quickly level-up.

Well, cheaters beware. In a recent update Niantic has made these bot programs ineffective.

Bots fool the game's system into believing trainers are in different countries, allowing them to catch rare Pokémon not available in their area without having to leave home. The cheating mechanisms also give players the ability to remotely take over gyms and camp near nesting sites. Many high-level trainers have admitted to using bots to get higher levels in the game quicker.

With these bots putting legitimate players at a disadvantage, Niantic has finally responded by removing all bot programs from all Pokémon Go servers. The company had Apple users update their phone's app this week in order to initiate the fix. Niantic may have even figured out which players are cheating the system and which ones aren't.

Days ago, Niantic met controversy when removing the "3-step" feature from the game after it glitched, forcing trainers to turn to third-party software like PokéVision to replace it. This led players to accuse Niantic of taking away helpful features instead of focusing on the much more problematic bots. This new fix directly addresses this criticism.

It's important to note that, while this update will prevent certain players from cheating, people can still manually trick their GPS tracking, therefore Niantic will have to eventually find a solution for that as well. With Pokémon Go gaining in interest every day, it's nice to see the company putting a little more effort into their customer service.

Have you encountered players cheating in Pokémon Go or are you sorry to see the bots go?



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