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This August, US trainers will be able to take a break from Pokémon GO and head to GameSpot (or EB Games in Canada) for the mythic "God Pokémon" Arceus to celebrate Pokémon's 20th anniversary.

As a mythical event Pokémon, Arceus will be level 100 when you get it.

Here's what you'll have to do to get Arceus

  • First, go to a GameStop between August 1-24
  • Ask for a Arceus code (there will likely be signs up!)
  • Boot up your game on your 3DS
  • Go to the MYSTERY GIFT tab (make sure you're connected to the internet)
  • Select RECEIVE GIFT and then GET WITH CODE
  • Enter your Arceus code from GameStop
  • Download your Pokémon
  • Head to a Pokémon Center and talk to the Delivery Girl to receive your Arceus!

Which Pokémon game do I need to get Arceus?

While Arceus did first appear in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, you can only download this event Arceus on the current 3DS Pokémon titles: Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.

Here's what moves Arceus comes with

Arceus will be level 100 and comes with a suite of the most powerful Normal type moves in the game:

  • Judgement
  • Recover
  • Hyper Beam
  • Perish Song

Note: Judgement is Arceus' signature move - and it can't currently be learned by HM, TM, or Move Tutor. Judgement has 10PP, deals 100 damage, and has 100% accuracy. Notably, the damage type is initially listed as Normal - but, if Arceus is holding a Plate item, the damage type will change based on the Plate's type.

Ability: Multitype allows Arceus to change its type to the same type of whatever Plate it is holding. If Arceus isn't holding a Plate, it will be a Normal type.

Since this an August event, this will be one of the last Pokémon events to tide us over until Sun & Moon's November 19 release date. Well, of course we'll always have Pokémon GO to busy ourselves with - assuming Niantic fixes its current issues.


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