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Overwatch has kicked off its first seasonal event with the Summer Games and the Lucioball game mode has been quickly become a fan favorite. This 3v3 soccer map where everyone plays Lucio has a 4 minute timer and everyone trying to get the ball in the goal as many times as possible before the clock runs out.

And of course, you want to get the Play of the Game.

Here's a compilation of tips and tricks we learned playing Lucioball that you can use to help win the match.

1. Play your position

At the start of the game, and after every goal, you are placed in a specific position. Either left forward, right forward, or goalie. Stay in that area. Especially if you are the goalie.

I can't tell you how many games I've lost because the goalie was on the other end of the map when he should have been guarding the goal.

But the same goes for the other two positions as well. If both forwards are on one side of the map, when the ball gets hit to the other side, both of you are stuck chasing it. Stay on your side and you'll be ready when the ball careens across the field as it will constantly throughout the game.

2. Save your right click to push opponents away

You may be tempted to use your right click sonic blast ability to punt the ball down the field, and by all means do so if you have a clear shot at the goal, but otherwise save it to blast your opponents out of the way.

You always have your left click to punch the ball with no cooldown. But your right click is on an 6 second cooldown so use it wisely to knock your opponents away from you and keep control of the ball as you dribble towards the goal.

3. Use your ultimate to make a goal

As the above gif shows, you can use your ultimate to pull the ball towards you. If you activate it within your opponents goal and the ball is near enough, you just scored a goal.

Your ultimate charges 5% every time you hit the ball so make sure you get in lots of shots to charge it faster.

4. Use jump pads and wall glides to move faster

If you need to get to the other end of the field ASAP you have two options. The glowing pads on the map are jump pads. Hop on while moving and they will send you sailing quickly about half way down the map.

The other option is to jump up on the wall using the space bar and glide down it until you want to get off using the space bar again. You can use both to move faster than ball. Check out the clip above to see what I mean.

5. Sprays work on the ball

Yes, you read that right. So line up you best Lucio spray and tag the ball early to see if you teammates notice.

Finally, if you play enough Lucioball you might get lucky in a Summer Loot box to get Lucio's Striker skin which has a custom emote that includes a soccer ball you can shoot!

But act quick, the Summer Games come to an end and the Summer Loot Boxes are locked away on August 22nd. Then we will have to wait and see what the next Seasonal Event will bring us. Reinhardt Rugby, anyone? Or maybe Blizzard will give in and make Lucio Hockey! As we've discussed: Lucio is secretly Canadian.

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