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August 6th marks the 30th anniversary of one of our favorite Nintendo franchise, Metroid! While it's not as popular as Legend Of Zelda or Super Mario, Metroid has earned a place in our hearts for its substantially darker tone than other Nintendo IP's.

To celebrate this classic, groundbreaking game, we're going to run-down 30 awesome and interesting things you may not have known! So, get your Power Suits on and let's get moving!

Sources: IGN, Nintendo Power, DidYouKnowGaming

1. The "Morph Ball" was originally created because the programmers couldn't make a crawling animation.

2. The title is a mix of the words "Metro" and "Android" (No, not like the phone).

3. The "Varia Suit's" name is actually a mistake from translation, originally it was supposed to be the "Barrier Suit."

4. The third installment in the series, Super Metroid, was almost cancelled three times.

5. Samus Aran's look is inspired by Kim Basinger.

6. Most bosses in Super Metroid use sounds sampled from various Godzilla movies.

7. The entire Metroid series had sold 17.44 Million copies by 2012, to add perspective, the Super Mario franchise had sold over 500 Million.

8. The enemies were originally "too cute to kill." (Of Course now they're not!)

9. The original death animation for Samus featured her suit exploding and players catching a glimpse of her nude.

10. Samus Aran is 6'3" and almost 200 lbs. (!)

11. Hirokazu Tanaka, the composer of the original Metroid wanted to make the score sound as though the players were encountering a "living organism."

12. The entire Metroid franchise is heavily inspired by Alien.

13. There are 13 different suits for Samus to wear throughout the series.

14. Samus has had 5 different hair colors throughout the series; brown, green, red, purple, and blonde.

15. Super Metroid was intended to be the last installment in the series.

16. There was a "nap room" for the staff working on Super Metroid and by the end of development it smelt awful.

17. Metroid's producer, Gunpei Yokoi, also created Game and Watch, The Game Boy, and the Virtual Boy!

18. The entire development team of Super Metroid consisted of just 15 people.

19. Samus Aran didn't become a female until the very end of development.

20. The planet "SR388" was named after a line of Yamaha motorcycles.

21. Metroid was actually called "Space Hunter" throughout development.

22. The original Metroid features 5 different endings.

23. Samus' power suit works by concentration.

24. In Metroid Prime Samus was originally going to give an opening monologue establishing the backstory of the game, which was cut.

25. In concept art, Ridley has been referred to as "The Cunning God of Death."

26. The "morph ball" almost didn't make it in Metroid Prime.

27. Ridley has appeared in all but three Metroid games; Metroid 2, Metroid Prime 2, and Metroid Prime: Hunters.

28. In the original Metroid, players could use the code "Justin Bailey" to play as Samus wearing only a swimsuit.

29. Samus is referred to as "he" throughout the instruction manual for Metroid, this was to make the ending more shocking.

30. It is the only flagship nintendo franchise not featured on the N64.

Well, there you have it, 30 facts about the Metroid franchise to celebrate Metroid's 30th!

Do you know any other cool facts about Metroid? Let us know in the comments!


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