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Since early July, rumors have been circulating the internet that Valve has plans to release a new Left 4 Dead game. To my knowledge, Valve has yet to make an official announcement one way or the other in regards to this rumor. So as far as I know, everything is still up in the air. Now, I enjoy playing Left 4 Dead despite not being a huge fan of first person shooters. So whether or not this is just a rumor and Valve still can't count to three, here is what I would like to see in a new Left 4 Dead game.

The first thing I would like to see are some new locations. To the previous game's credit, the various missions took place in a lot of different locations. However, I don't think they're done as much as they could have with the environments. Now, it makes sense that most of these missions would take place in cities and towns since these once populated places would be the most likely places to find zombies. Still, Those environments make up most of the missions and they ALL take place in the US. Why not have a mission or two take place in Europe or Canada? Or does America have a monopoly on zombie apocalypses? If the game is grounded in the US, I'd still like to see some different environments. The US has a pretty wide range of different locations a missions could happen in. I'm talking about mountains, deserts, and other places the games haven't explored yet. Having a wider variety of different locations would showcase that a zombie breakout could occur anywhere and no one place is completely safe.

Next I want to talk about the special infected. The previous games had a category of special zombies that had different abilities and behaviors. Their purpose was to break up the monotony of the regular zombies and provide a greater challenge by disrupting, separating, or scattering the group. If they're going to make another game, I think there should be at least one more special infected. I say only one because there are already eight other special infected.

Adding too many special infected to the list would over saturate things. Just one more would be enough. I think it should be one that attacks from a distance. The only other special infected that does that is the Smoker. The Spitter also has a ranged attack but it's more of a mid ranged area-of-effect sort of attack. I also think it should somehow have the ability to anchor a survivor in place for a set period of time, this would force the other to protect them, until they get free (or they could be a bunch of jerks and just abandon them).

Now let's talk about the mission objectives. The main objective of the previous games was to get from safe house to safe house while shooting your way through waves of zombies. At the end of the campaign, you and your group must either survive a massive wave of zombies or bring fuel to a car or a generator, or simply escape the horde. I think a new game should add a few more objectives to the mix. For example, there could be a game mode similar to Nazi Zombies, where the object is for the group to bring down as many zombies as possible before the horde overwhelms them.

Or, instead of spawning in a group. The survivors could all spawn in different places and have to actually find each other before going to the safe house. Another game mode I think would be interested is if you had a survivor character who wasn't immune to being infected and only the person playing as an infected survivor would know that. This would completely flip Left 4 dead's main theme of teamwork, as it would be completely up to the infected player to let themselves turn and attack the other players or something else.

So, on to some completely new mechanics. First, I think the game should have some customization. Now, having a completely customizable character would defeat the purpose of having established characters to play as. Instead, I would give players the chance to customize the characters they play as, to some degree. I'm talking about things like alternate costumes, hats, and maybe an extra accessory here and there. I wouldn't change the way the weapons work, as I think that system works just fine for a game about survival (Although, it would be nice if you could refuel the chainsaw).

So, those are things I would like to see of Left 4 Dead 3 actually comes to fruition. Now, I want to reiterate what I said in the intro. I do not know whether or not Valve is actually making a new Left 4 Dead. These are just some musings of mine as to what I would like to see in a new installment. Whether or not that actually happens is yet to be seen. We can hope though, right?


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