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Pokémon Go continues to be the craze sweeping the world. Almost daily, news from players searching for Pokémon surface on the internet, showing just how far some people are willing to go for a video game. No one however, has been as successful at this, frankly, addicting game than Nick Johnson.

The New York resident and Pokémon fan demonstrated his love for the Pokémon franchise and hit game, Pokémon Go, by finding all 142 Pokémon available in North America in the span of two weeks.

To reward this incredible feat of patience, skill and, honestly, a mark of too much spare time, Marriott Rewards and Expedia decided to sponsor Nick to travel around the world and find the remaining creatures that are only accessible in different parts of our beloved planet.

Regarding his dedication as a fan of the game, Johnson has stated:

“My childhood dreams of being a Pokémon master have come true.”

Well, Johnson is now not only Pokémon master of North America, but of the world, having caught every available creature in the game. Fortunately, Nick hasn't been shy about sharing his journey with the rest of the Pokémon-hunting world, providing insight into where he's caught the elusive Pokémon.

During his time in Hong Kong, he was able to catch Farfetch'd, seen below.

While in Paris he was informed of a nearby Mr. Mime Pokémon during an interview. Johnson jumped into an Uber (apparently, his preferred method of transportation) and went to the site, where he was indeed able to get Mr. Mime around midnight.

After all his travels, Johnson has finally collected all Pokémon available around the world. His last score was in Sydney, right in front of a Tommy Bahamas shop, where he found Kangaskhan, a Pokémon exclusive to New Zealand and Australia.

As was the case with Mr. Mime, Johnson was able to find Kangaskhan thanks to other players who tipped him off to the creature's location.

Despite catching 'em all, Nick's envy-inducing world tour isn't over yet. He still has one stop to make in Tokyo. After accomplishing this legendary mission, he may just get some time-off to enjoy the beautiful city. He tweeted the below picture from his final stop on his journey.

Despite this solid achievement, Nick states he has no intention to quit playing Pokémon Go. The much-discussed impending inclusion of Legendary Pokémon in the game has him excited for the next challenge for him to beat.

Well, there you have it. Nick Johnson's journey is complete, for now. Once Niantic introduces Legendary Pokémon into Pokémon Go, we'll have to keep a lookout for Nick's next adventures.

What do you think of Nick Johnson's epic journey and how many Pokémon have you caught?


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