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Pokemon has once again infiltrated pop culture and this time, thanks to Pokemon Go, it has become so popular that you can't even walk outside your front door without seeing someone glued to their phone trying to catch one of those cute little critters. However, if you're like me, you are constantly running out of Pokeballs, items that can only be acquired through real money purchases (which I can't afford to do) or by going to a PokeStop.

It's a well-known fact at this point that rural players (again, like me) have it the roughest when it comes to convenient PokeStops (my closest PokeStop is 12 miles away!). Sometimes it gets very frustrating when you're running low on Pokeballs and the only things a PokeStop gives you is an Egg, a revival potion, and one Pokeball. So today, I'm going to share with you some of the knowledge Pokemon Go players all over the world have learned to help you get the most out of your PokeStop runs, so that you can train to be the very best!

Tip #1 - PokeStops Reset Every 5 Minutes

If you know you're going to be stuck in a place for a while, it might help you to check out your surroundings and see if there are any PokeStops around. Imagine you're sitting down for lunch or locked away in your cubicle all day, finding a PokeStop within reach can be a life saver. Simply spin the circle on the PokeStop and go back to the map. You should now notice that the Stop has changed from a blue color to a purple color indicating that you have earned your reward. If you wait just 5 minutes, you can enter the PokeStop again and spin the circle to get even more Pokeballs! As far as we know, you can do that as many times a day as you want.

I went ahead and did the math for you: If you're working an eight hour shift and spinning the PokeStop every five minutes (just don't let your boss find out!), then you will be able to spin it up to 96 times. That means that you could end up with over 280 Pokeballs! If that isn't a good use of your work day, I don't know what is.

Tip #2 - Go To PokeStops In Groups

Granted I haven't taken advantage of this specific trick yet (as I don't have any friends...), but reportedly you can level up faster by going to PokeStops in groups. How does leveling get you more stuff from PokeStops? The higher your level, the better the items you will be able to receive. For instance, once you reach Level 12 you can get Great Balls for a better chance at catching those elusive Pokemon. Here's how to do it:

  • Step 1 - Gather Your Fellow Trainers (this is the step I get stuck on...)
  • Step 2 - Go to an area with a lot of PokeStops (urban areas work best)
  • Step 3 - Gather all the loot and wait
  • Step 4 - While waiting, plant lures at the PokeStops to get Pokemon to appear more often!
  • Step 5 - Catch 'em all! Keep getting more Pokeballs by using Tip #1

There's also a rumor that the more people in an area, the more likely that a rare Pokemon will show up. The five step process above will help you become the very best and catch 'em all! All the while, you can get more items from PokeStops and get some cool creatures!

Tip #3 - Get Items From 10 PokeStops In 30 Minutes

Courtesy of Imgur
Courtesy of Imgur

I saved the hardest tip for last! Posted to Reddit, a Pokemon Go player by the name of Cerebr0murF discovered this super cool way to get even more out of your PokeStop runs. Usually you only get three or four items from a PokeStop, but if you follow a chain of PokeStops you can get six or more items out of your tenth PokeStop! It has been tested and proven by numerous users and so far has a 100% rating. It's a bit complicated, but I'll break down the basics.

To get the six or more items, plus extra experience points, you have to visit ten different Pokestops in a specific time limit following some extensive rules. One of the most important rules is that you can not visit the same PokeStop twice or the chain will be broken. A PokeStop can not be revisited for 30 minutes, but you have to finish the chain within 30 minutes in order to get the bonus. Next, it can't be more than ten minutes since the last time you spun a PokeStop or you will have to restart all over again. After you've spun nine PokeStops, you should get the exciting bonus on the tenth spin. And you have to wait in between each chain for at least 10 minutes before spinning a new PokeStop to get the bonus again. If this doesn't work, make sure you followed all of the rules!

There you have it! Three sure fire ways to get the most out of your PokeStop experience. Some of these are really easy to do (like waiting for a few minutes) whereas others require you to have a mathematics degree (not really, but you know what I mean). I know I'm always in need of a PokeStop, so these tips will sure come in handy! If you know of any more hints, tips, or tricks, be sure to leave a comment below!

What was the most useful tip? Have any others? Let me know in the comments below!


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