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Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon. However, those cute little critters have had enough! After several weeks of players bouncing balls off their faces, Pokemon in the city of Basel, Switzerland have decided to fight back against their human overlords. In a hilarious video posted from fadeoutTrashTV, Pikachus take their revenge! Check it out:

Complete with awesome music, hilarious moments, and plenty of unsuspecting players, this glorious prank is about to take the internet by storm. However, you're probably thinking to yourself "Why, exactly, are three grown men dressed as Pikachu throwing balls at people?"

The City Of Basel Is Attempting To Boost Tourism

Commissioned by the city of Basel in Switzerland, the Swiss digital agency Fadeout created the video in hopes of influencing people to visit their city. Honestly, I want to go there even less now, since there's a good chance I could be hit in the head with a Pokeball while absorbed in my phone. However, the city has also created a pretty cool website to show you all of the best places to catch Pokemon as your tour the city. I'm glad that Pokemon are fighting back! It was great fun watching that man take a dive into the fountain!

What's the rarest Pokemon you've caught so far? Let's hear it in the comments!


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