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At the end of July, a now-famous Brooklyn man named Nick Johnson beat everyone in the United States to the Poke-punch, and caught all 142 of the cute little monsters available in the country. If you're like me, you're extremely proud of yourself for getting to 40 in the first month that the app's been available. But Nick? No sir. He had downloaded the app barely two weeks earlier, and already caught every one of them. Take a gander at what a complete Pokedex looks like!

If you'd like to know how he caught all 142 so quickly, pokestop on over at Movie Pilot's own Matt Timmy Creamer's page, where he explains the first step in Nick's journey. And by journey, I literally mean journey!

It's Official - Earth Has Its First Pokemon Master!

Thanks to Marriott Rewards and Expedia, he was able to visit France, Hong Kong, and Australia to get those last three region-specific Pokemon, filling up 145 spots in his Pokedex. He had already found Tauros, North America's official rare Pokemon at some point in his search in the States, but here are the creatures he grabbed at each of the other continents!

Australia – Kangaskhan

Hong Kong - Farfetch'd

France – Mr. Mime

Who else thinks Mr. Mime is a little creepy?

145 Down, 6 More To Pokemon Go...

Do you think catching those three rare Pokemon made him retire? Oh, no. Not Nick Johnson. Read his next tweet!

As of this writing, he was already there looking for Mewtwo and doing strange things with Pikachu and Farfetch'd at the Marriott...

This guy can't be stopped! Unless he runs out of Pokemon, anyway. And with six more legendaries still out there yet considered to be unattainable (except for this hoax from Ohio), it doesn't look like he'll be finishing anytime soon.

Of course, as fast as he's gone, he may just get the last six by tomorrow!

Do you think Niantic should grant Pokemon Master Nick Johnson the privilege of one of, or all of the six legendaries? Only time will tell!


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