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The PlayStation Neo, or PlayStation 4.5, is the next semi-jump in console development. Similar to the Xbox One S but with a catchier name, the PlayStation Neo is designed to increase the power and benefits of the current generation consoles without crossing the line into next generation territory. Suffice it to say, we will not see a PlayStation 5 until late next year at the earliest.

Lets go through what the PlayStation Neo will have to offer.


The PlayStation Neo will be significantly more powerful than its previous generation, holding 8 Jaguar Cores that run at 2.1 GHz each, which is a large step up from the 1.6 GHz within the current generation console. On top of this, the GPU will feature a massive jump up with 36 compute units, each running at an apparent 911 MHz which is almost double what the PS4 held, with only 18 compute cores running at 800 MHz each.

It also holds the same memory as the PlayStation 4 but with an upgrade to the 8GB GDDR5 Ram unit, from 176GB/sec to 218GB/sec. This will allow faster processing times which in turn will provide a smoother, more resolute gaming experience on the PlayStation 4.5.


The new PlayStation 4.5 console has been rumored to support 4K gaming capabilities as opposed to just 4K viewing within movies and streaming services such as Netflix. However developers will be able to decide if they want to make a 4K game for the Neo or just develop a game that will run amazingly at 1080p and utilize additional processing power for other visual goodies. In this way, the Playstation Neo will not require 4K to be natively supported.


Playstation 4 Console
Playstation 4 Console

Sony has come out and stated that no exclusive games will be made for the Neo, so that all PS4 owners will be able to remain faithful to their beloved console while not missing out on any major releases. However, the president of Sony, Andrew House has stated that, “all or a very large majority of games will support the high-end PS4”, which backs up reports of games being developed as a Base Mode (PS4) and Neo Mode (Neo) which will apparently be released at the same time.


PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

While no one knows when the PlayStation Neo will release, it is a fair guesstimate to place its release either before or just after the release for the PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is designed to work with the PS4, so Sony will be able to capitalize on that with the increased visuals and frame-rates of the Neo. On top of this, it will allow plenty of time for families and individuals to pick it up during the holiday season which will boost sales. PlayStation VR is scheduled to release on October 13th.

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