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For today's entry in 'Now That's What I Call Feeling Old,' as of Saturday, August 6th, the iconic gaming franchise Metroid has turned 30 years old. That's right, Samus Aran has been gracing consoles for a whopping three decades! To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've gathered five of my favorite Metroid-inspired cosplays. Here we go!

5. Zero Suit Samus by Yuki Cosplay

Kicking things off is Yuki Cosplay's take on a Zero Suit Samus cosplay, which arguably just as an iconic a look for Samus as her armor. Yuki Cosplay does a fantastic job in embodying the character while wearing the suit. With something as simple as a jumpsuit, it all comes down to attitude to really sell the look and Yuki Cosplay seems to have it in spades.

4. Justin Bailey Samus by Nadyasonika

Inspired by the "armor" you get from entering the now famous JUSTIN BAILEY password in Metroid, Nadya Anton looks absolutely stunning. Random side note, I didn't even know this was a thing until a year or two ago. I was under the impression that the blue Zero Suit was the first instance of Samus being playable out of armor. Shows how much I know, right?

3. Light Suit Samus by It's Raining Neon

It's Raining Neon never fails to impress and her cosplay of Samus' Light Armor from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is no exception. Looking like she stepped right out of the game, this armor is easily one of my favorite cosplay builds.

2. Varia Suit by Talaaya

This 3-D printed armor is an absolute beauty and the work that went into it is obvious at first glance. Talaaya actually took the better part of two years constructing this armor. That's a lot of time to dedicate to a single costume, but the results pretty much speak for themselves. If you think it looks impressive in a photo, you should really see it in action.

1. Samus Aran by Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay Creations

First and foremost, let's take a moment to appreciate how absolutely breathtaking this is. Mad props to Saffels Photography because this looks like it could be the promo for a Metroid movie (which is a thing that should happen). Built by Ainsley, who goes by Pigtails and Power Tools Cosplay Creations on Facebook, this armor is absolutely gorgeous.

Those were only a small handful of fantastic renditions of Samus cosplay both in and out of her armor by the always fantastic cosplayers of the world. I am eternally impressed by what cosplayers can achieve especially when it comes to characters like Samus Aran who just ooze cool.

Who do you think has done some fantastic Samus cosplay? Let me know in the comments below.

BONUS: To close things off and to mark this occasion with even more of a bang, here's the brilliant fan film Metroid: The Sky Calls by Rainfall Films starring Jessica Chobot.

Now go hunt some space pirates or something.


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