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Stay toasty, fellas! Dat boi has arrived.
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Mortal Kombat is synonymous to badassery. Never has a true gamer NOT played Mortal Kombat, once in his entire life. Blood, gore, this game has everything. The gameplay is addictive, the characters are awesome, the puns are witty, and the storyline is exquisite. What more could we ask for?!

Oh wait, there is more. Let's add a hint of romance, a dash of brutality, and a shitload of nostalgia!

3 Reasons That Prove Mortal Kombat Is a Badass Franchise

1. Gave Rise To ESRB Ratings

It literally started the concept of the ESRB game ratings, after people realized that this game was brutal beyond imagination. The fact that you could "FATALITY" your opponent wasn't digested so well by critics.

2. Different -ALITIES/Variants of Fatality

This concept is so creative, it's hard to even imagine the amount of thought that was put into EACH -ality! And there are at least two-five different ones for EACH character! *Mind Blown*

Of course, for those who are fans of the MK franchise or regular players, know about this. For those who don't, below mentioned are the most popular, and different variations of a Fatality -

  • ANIMALITY : Maul your opponent by transforming into an animal.
  • BRUTALITY : Perform a very difficult combo, that causes your opponent to explode. Badass.
  • HARA-KIRI : A cool concept; Allows the losing player to commit suicide, rather than be finished off by his opponent.
  • STAGE FATALITY : Using the environment around you, to perform an area/stage specific Fatality, that isn't normally available in the character's moveset.
  • BABALITY : My favorite, and the cutest of them all - Performing a combo that turns the opponent into an infant.
  • FRIENDSHIP : Good guy Steve? Well.... Okay. Here, you basically spare your opponent and leave him unharmed by doing a combo.

3. Kreate-A-Fighter Controversy

This was perhaps one of the coolest features in the game; being able to create your own custom character. The best part was that you could even make a character resemble you, and could customize anything from the voice of the character, to its moves and special attacks.

Well, it did get into a little controversy back in 2006, when a video game critic and attorney Jack Thompson tried suing the studios because he found a video clip online, that showed his likeness and he thought that this was illegal and unauthorized.

A little trivia about this guy: he was an anti-video game activist, particularly against those games that have violence or show sex.

Thompson went on to issue a cease and desist to the game’s developers, publicly stating “Mortal Kombat: Armageddon contains an unauthorized commercial exploitation of my name, photograph, image and likeness within the game”.

The funniest part comes now. A lawsuit never prevailed. The game still has this feature. Nothing happened. Oh, and Jack was debarred from practicing law, two years later, over trivial and unrelated matters, which kinda includes making false statements in court. Bahaha! In his face!

Good times. Kreate-A-Fighter was first introduced in MK: Armageddon, one of my all time favorite games, after MK4.

In conclusion, this game has brought people together, given them the coolest memories, caused endless controllers to be destroyed, caused a million rage-quits and still remains one of the best gaming franchises till date. Mortal Kombat is a nostalgia machine. FIGHT!


How old were you, when you first played Mortal Kombat?


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