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Figuring out the best way to get around in No Man’s Sky is still at the top of many new players frequently asked questions list. Hyperdrive is an element of gameplay that can be key to a player’s success in exploration and even survival.

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No Man’s Sky is somewhat of a logistical nightmare, the game is vast and Hello Games have stated that 99 percent of their creation will never be explored, there are whopping 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets out there so getting players around this infinite expanse is certainly tricky.

What is Hyperdrive?

In response to this Hello Games introduced the ‘Hyperdrive’ but what exactly does this allow us to do?

Hyperdrive is the technology required to jump a player’s ship from one solar system to another. It is what you might call a ‘fast travel’ method of navigation. Using the hyperdrive technology players will be able to save valuable time as they navigate around their cosmic playground.

How do I get Hyperdrive?

Each and every player will begin their interstellar journey in a totally unique portion of the multiverse. We will be allocated a life pod which will not be fitted with a hyperdrive meaning that your very first hyperdrive will need to be crafted. Crafting within the world of No Man’s Sky will allow the player to build many different things, including hyperdrives.

Crafting is done by gathering the necessary resources from planets, traders and space stations and combining them to craft the desired results. From what we have seen so far, we can see that one early form of hyperdrive can be crafted using Silicon and Iridium.

Do I need Antimatter?

Antimatter in No Man’s Sky is integral to your interstellar adventure. Antimatter is basically the core ingredient needed to fuel your hyperdrive. It is used to build a warp cell, and that warp cell is used to fuel your hyperdrive.

Antimatter can be bought or crafted; so far we have seen antimatter for sale for 48,000 units. This price will fluctuate depending on where you buy however as the game's economy differs depending on what region of the universe you are in.

How do I get antimatter with no money?

As far as I can tell, the process of acquiring your first warp cell is pretty simple. After you have completed the game's intro tutorial, you will notice that there will be a path laid out of you with markers on various planets. Follow this pathway to receive all the various components required for you to formulate your first ever warp cell.

Do I need hyperdrive to travel between solar systems?

The answer is no - but you definitely should. No Man’s Sky allows the player to approach the game in any way they see fit. They can choose to utilize or discard any technology, race or planet they want but in regards to travel, technology helps, a lot.

To better realize the need for a hyperdrive it is best to take a step back. The game allows the player to look at the entire universe as a whole via the map. This will allow you to get some sense of scale – each star you see in the map (as depicted above) is not just a star, it is an entire solar system complete with its own planets, races and relics. It is huge – you will, absolutely, need to use your hyperdrive – although it is not mandatory.

The formation of the universe suggests, to me, that players will not necessarily need to hyperdrive between planets inside one solar system, but should probably utilize the technology when traveling between systems themselves.

So, to sum up, you can travel without using hyperdrive but the likelihood of you reaching the centre of the universe without it is slim, very slim indeed. In fact, your PS4/PC is likely to need replacing several times before you reach your end goal, if attempted. Although it would be intriguing to find out how long it would take. Hello Games do you have an answer for us?

And remember…

The hyperdrive is extremely fuel intensive – without fuel you will not be able to travel the long distances required to reach the centre of the universe. Monitor your fuel levels and craft the stuff whenever you can. Look out for traders whilst in space. They may even have it already crafted.


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