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No Man’s Sky is soaring into the record books with more and more players blasting off into the unknown in search of interstellar adventure. No Man’s Sky is one of the most ambitious games of our generation and getting to grips with the mechanics can be a little tricky at first.

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No Man’s Sky is all about adventure, the exploration of the multiverse that is guaranteed to provide each and every player with a totally unique gaming experience. In order to thrive in No Man’s Sky you will need to upgrade your equipment as you go. Upgrading your ship for example will allow you to defend yourself against stronger factions or traverse greater distances when space jumping.

Crafting is key but what about the space suit itself, your weapons and your ship, are these any different?

As you explore more and more of the universe in No Man’s Sky you will be awarded units which can be used to buy blueprints. These blueprints can be used to upgrade your suit, weapons and ship. These blueprints will contain the schematics needed to complete certain upgrades which will help outline the requirements needed to perform such an upgrade.

All trading that occurs in No Man’s Sky occurs at Trading Posts or at Space Stations. The game’s economy is not based on player interaction, but AI traders. The AI in No Man’s Sky is always trading, the economy is an ever evolving entity and will dictate how the player interacts with it. You can literally sit by and watch the traders exchanging goods and doing business – something that game director, Sean Murray likes to do on occasion.

To upgrade your suit you will need to visit a trading post, these posts are located only on planets, not in space. Any upgrade you add to your suit will be permanent – you will not lose the upgrade if you die. But you have to ensure it's safely added to your suit. The nature of the trading station will have an impact on what items you can use to upgrade your suit, certain stations specialize in certain areas of technology.

This means that your upgrades could all be dependent upon the relationship you have with the traders at that specific trading post. The better your affinity with the race you are dealing with, the better the technology becomes.

The same goes for weapons; weapons can only be upgraded at these planetary trading posts and will again depend upon the above factors.


Ships are obviously a necessity when it comes to interplanetary exploration. If you wish to explore the universe, enter into space battles or just do anything interstellar, you are going to need a ship. Ships come in three varieties the Explorer, the Fighter and the Trader.

There are many ships that exist within these classes in No Man’s Sky and new ships that are discovered can be named by those that find them, just like the planets. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses and can be upgraded in its own way.

To purchase a new ship, players must visit trading posts, space stations or observatories to do so. Once the ship has docked the player is able to review the stats and then offer to buy. Players will be able to upgrade their ships using the resources bought, gathered or crafted, and will be able to upgrade anything from the fuel capability, drive, ammo, instruments to weapons.

It is worth noting that if you die in space and your ship is destroyed, you will not get it back. All the upgrades you had would be lost. However, if you die on a planet, you will not lose your ship. So be very careful who you start a fight with in space – it could cost you a lot of effort.

Known Upgrades so far:


  • Shields
  • Laser Beam
  • Plasma Shot
  • Rapid-fire Shots
  • Energy Torpedo
  • Wing (maneuverability)
  • Hull (stats for landing in Toxic, Corrosive, Radioactive environments)
  • Engine (general speed)
  • Hyperdrive (hyperspace jump distance)
  • Cargo space (splits between cargo and hyperdrive fuel)
  • Cloaking

Space Suit Stats:

  • Shields
  • Resource Capacity
  • Jetpack (height and time in the air)
  • Air Hazard (stats for Toxic, Corrosive, and Radioactive environments)
  • Liquid Hazard (stats for time submerged in Water, Acid, Alcohol)

Weapon/Multitool Stats:

  • Laser Beam
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Energy Shot
  • Scan Distance
  • Scan Type (some things cannot be scanned until this is acquired)

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